Exercise Suggestions for an Infant

Exercise Suggestions for an InfantThe term infant is applied to young children between the ages of 1 month and 12 months. As a mother you might feel the need to exercise insignificant for your baby.

With rising incidence of childhood obesity, the British government has issued a new set of guidelines to parents to fight childhood obesity. They recommend children, 5 and under, should be engaged in at least three hours of exercise daily, and this includes infants. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the obesity rate for this group is about 17 percent leading some to wonder if baby workouts should start even before the little ones learn to take their first step.











According to Kim Kusika (source: http://www.americanownews.com/story/15625578/benefits-of-infant-exercise), an infant trainer at The Little Gym "Doing flips and twists and turns gives their body a workout from the inside out. Helping infants to develop their core, their equilibrium their vestibular sense, all those odd things we don't think about looking from the outside at our babies"


Exercise Ideas
  • Exercise Suggestions for an InfantReaching for rings or even bubbles.

  • Grip Exercise: Lay the baby on his back on the floor. Wrap your baby's hand around your forefinger; hold in place with your thumb and third finger. Stretch out baby's arm by gently drawing his hand toward you. Do not pull baby up off the floor. Return to the starting position.

  • Chest Cross: Grip both the baby's hands. Spread baby's arms out to the sides, bring them in across his chest, and spread them out again. Do this exercise slowly and gently, repeating the movement 5 times. You can even raise baby's arms up above his head and down to his sides.

  • The Wing Out: Make the baby lie in prone position, secure his grip in your own and gently stretch and raise his arms.

  • Swan Arch: Make the baby lie face down, call on him/her. In response the baby will raise his/her head. This will help baby strengthen upper back and neck.

  • Ankle Rotation: Turn the baby's toes out, then in. Repeat 10 times. This exercise helps increase flexibility, add strength for walking.

  • Bicycle: Make the baby lying on his back, hold his feet or lower legs and gently push one leg up toward his chest while extending the other. Alternately push and extend each leg 3 times. Stop and then repeat the exercise. After you finish, let baby kick freely.

If your child grows up seeing you exercise and understanding it as a part of a daily routine, he/she´┐Żll be more inclined to exercise in his/her life.

Please consult a doctor before starting an exercise routine.

Dated 27 May 2013


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