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Yoga Asana For Flat Feet

Yoga Asana for Flat Feet

The absence of arch in the feet causing the soles to touch the ground is called a flat feet. An old term for flat feet is fallen arches. Having flat feet does not always cause pain or lead to other foot disorders.  Flat feet can be rigid and inflexible and cause imbalance and problems in the ankles, legs, back, and bones and muscles as well.

For some flat foot can be painful  and might result in imbalance. Shoes that do not fit or fail to support and protect the arch can lead to painful imbalances between the bones, muscles and ligaments of the foot.

Daily yoga practice can help strengthen the arches, foot and legs.


Vira means a hero, warrior, champion. This sitting posture is done by keeping the knees together, spreading the feet and resting them by the side of the hips. The pose is good for meditation and pranayama.

Utkatasana (chair pose)

A deep squat, Utkatasana immediately engages the strength of your legs, back, and ankles.

Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Regular practice of this posture will help focus the mind and cultivate concentration (dharana).

Ardha Chandrasana

Practice Tadasana with lifted toes lifted on the floor.  Another asana would be Frog pose (Bhekasana) although this pose is done lying down on the stomach.

Standing poses, one-legged poses, stretches and poses that elongate the leg, foot and body add strength and pull out muscles into a smooth position.

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