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Get Bikini Ready This Summer: Speedy Exercise Tricks

Get Bikini Ready
Get Bikini Ready this Summer: Speedy Exercise Tricks

Gals, its summer time. Time for plunging necklines, sleeveless tops, tube tops, short skirts and swimming suits. Get rid of those “muffin tops”, ” love handles” and sagging bootie, this summer with  fat melting, firming exercises. Sagging booty cheeks are predominant to women who are over 30 and/or have had children, its time to firm them up.

Sparing 25 min out those 24 hrs shouldn’t be tough if you know what you really stand to gain.

A recent study showed that the classic sit-up is not the best exercise for stronger, flatter abdominals. This exercise generally involves the hip muscles instead of the abdominals, and in most cases, places an unnecessary amount of strain on the lower back.

To begin with keep in mind to engage those stubborn body parts- all around abs, butt and chest.


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