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Hairstyles for Those Special Occasions

By Gabrielle, Creative Director

The weather is starting to get a bit warmer, and spring is here. Many special occasions approach in the spring season. Whether it be a formal dance, prom, or your wedding, there are plenty of occasions to get dolled up and maybe try a new hairstyle or something other than your everyday hairdo. 

Special occasions call for special occasion hairstyles and for in home haircut. There are so many different options you can try. Some occasions such as a wedding or prom can require more elaborate or formal styles, while a casual birthday or dinner party are still special occasions but may only need a slightly polished less formal look.

Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of different styles you can choose from for a beautiful and memorable look.

Hairstyles You Can Try for Special Occasions

The Perfect Curls

Want a classic yet simple hairstyle for your next special occasion? This is the right look for you. Curls seem very glam but are quick and easy to achieve. You can try loose luscious curls, a tighter bouncy curl, or maybe soft waves which are always romantic and elegant. Curls will add movement and body to your hair that may often be missing that daily. Try curls out for your next special occasion with so many different curl options you will be sure to find one you will love.


Classic and chic, updos are indisputably the most popular type of formal hairstyle. When you think special occasion your mind may go straight to an updo. The definition of updo is a hairstyle that involves arranging the hair instead of allowing it to fall freely. An Updo can be as simple as a ponytail or a half up half down hairdo. Updos are most commonly associated with more elaborate styles intended for special occasions.

A simple bun or french twist are both basic updo styles that are sleek and elegant. Leaving face-framing tendrils to add softness and romance to a style. Or you can incorporate braids for a more intricate updo. With so many different updo styles the options are endless.


As stated above many updos or special occasion styles include braids. Braids themselves can be perfect for a special occasion alone or added to one of the styles above. A braided crown or waterfall braids are a popular choice or simply adding a braid to a ponytail or another simple style elevates the hairstyle while making it seem more special. You can’t go wrong with classic french braids which work best with medium or long hair.

Whatever braids style you choose to incorporate into our special occasion hairstyle they are sure to make your look unique and one-of-a-kind.

Whatever the special occasion maybe try something new or a hairstyle you may not usually gravitate towards. Using google or Pinterest there are so many photos of special occasion hairstyles that you can get inspiration from to show your hairstyles for your next event.

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