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The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Fitness Trainer

Whenever you’re in the gym or at home, do you often struggle to find the motivation to finish your workout routine or even start in the first place? You’re not alone. Many people often quit their fitness routine and let go of their goals due to a lack of motivation. One way to boost your motivation to keep working out and pursue your fitness is by hiring a fitness trainer.   

A fitness trainer is a professional fitness coach who has the skills and knowledge about general fitness and can guide and assist people in achieving their health and fitness goals. They also formulate personalized workout plans and meal plans for their clients based on their strengths and weaknesses. But like any other coaching service, hiring a fitness trainer also comes with a fee.   

And so, some of you may question on you should invest in one, or would you instead save money and watch workout tutorials online?

To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of hiring a fitness trainer:  

The Pros  

  1. Personalized Workout Plan  

As mentioned, your fitness trainer can create a personalized workout plan for you based on your needs and goals. For instance, if your objective is to lose weight, your trainer will incorporate specific exercises intended for weight loss and help you achieve your desired results. Meanwhile, suppose your goal is to tone your existing muscles. In that case, they can combine strength training exercises to tone your muscles and, at the same time, choose exercises that are suitable for your physical ability.   

On the other hand, if you prefer to Do It Yourself (DIY) your workout routine by watching workout videos, you may not always achieve your fitness goals, especially if you’re not choosing the right exercises with the proper flow. Therefore, hiring a fitness trainer may be the best option if you want every energy and sweat you put into your routine to be as effective.   

When you’re in the gym, plenty of fitness trainers are available inside. Meanwhile, if you wish to utilize your at-home gym, you can find your fitness trainer at and other online fitness programs and do your fitness routine from the comfort of your home.  

  1. Proper Execution Of Exercises 

Another advantage of investing in a fitness trainer is that you’ll have someone to guide you in doing those exercises in a proper form. Some of you may think that you’re doing it right just by looking at others. But with a trainer with you, you may realize that you’ve been doing your push-ups or squats the wrong way. Keep in mind that exercising in the wrong form could cause injuries and body pains in the long run. So, hire a fitness trainer and let them help you do your exercises properly for optimal results.  

  1. Extra Push 

One of the leading reasons people quit their fitness routine is the lack of motivation. A fitness trainer can give you all kinds of inspiration you need to keep going. Whenever you start feeling tired and bored with your routine, their energetic personality and vocal support will help you stay motivated and keep going. Most importantly, they’ll also help you feel more accountable for your physical fitness, especially on days you’re feeling lazy to exercise.   

The Cons 

  1. Expensive Cost 

Perhaps this is the main reason some people would rather DIY their exercises to save money. A certified, licensed fitness trainer may cost you around $70-$300 per hour. But even with their costly fee, you’ll need to remember that they’re experts in this field, and they deserve to be paid at that rate. So, it’s up to you if you’re willing to invest and pay that amount to help you achieve your fitness goals.  

  1. Personality Issues 

Most fitness trainers have strong and forceful personalities due to their work. After all, sometimes, being headstrong is the key to helping a person become more inspired and motivated to achieve their fitness goals. However, this could be a disadvantage if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like working under pressure or you can’t withstand following someone else’s command. Ultimately, you’ll need to find yourself a trainer who matches your personality. 

  1. Time And Location Issues 

You may have the budget, the willingness, and the character to hire and work with a fitness trainer. However, you’ll also need to consider your time availability and schedule when hiring one. It’s crucial, especially if you always have a tight schedule, and working out with your trainer seems almost impossible.  

The same issue arises if you can’t find a fitness trainer in your area, forcing you to travel further every time you work out. Thus, when hiring a trainer, consider your schedule and location. See if the trainer will travel to your house or the other way around.   

Key Takeaway

Overall, investing in a fitness trainer is worth it as long as you have the time, money, willingness, and flexible schedule for it. But in the end, it’s all about your personal preferences and the kind of trainer you want. So, before you hunt for a fitness trainer, assess yourself first, consider the pros and cons, and see if the experience is for you.

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