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5 Expert Sessions for You to Celebrate International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is around the corner. The whole world will celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21st.

Yoga is a holistic approach to achieve a healthier mind, body & soul.

Check Out What Our Yoga Experts Have to Offer on International Yoga Day

“To me International Yoga Day is a day to celebrate the shared love & connection of this practice that can support us in so many different ways. A practice that awakens our awareness & connection (to ourselves and those around us), a practice that unites body, mind, spirit & community. Such an important reminder now & always”  by Tiffany Cruikshank, L.AC, MAOM, founder of Yoga Medicine.

Tiffany Cruikshank

Free Instagram live Sessions by Yoga Medicine

On June 21st, make sure to join free Instagram live sessions, led by Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialists! Be a part of both live lectures and asana practices scheduled throughout the day, perfect for yoga teachers and practitioners alike. All are invited for a fulfiling International Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day Schedule@ Yoga Medicine®:

Grab the Offer: “We are also hosting a secret 24 hour sale on Yoga Medicine® Online Trainings, Online Classes and Memberships to our online class platform, Yoga Medicine® Online.” adds Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine.

She further adds “We rarely, if ever, host sales on our online trainings so this is a great opportunity to enroll and start #RaisingTheBar for a discounted price. Sign up to receive your sale invite and get access to these discounts for 24 hours only on June 21st:

Sunrise Yoga on the Beach at San Andres Island, Colombia 

42-year-old Nicki, a newly certified yoga instructor from the US is going to host Sunrise Yoga on the beach near her hostel for the community.

WF team requested her to elaborate the schedule, and well here it is.

For more input visit at:

International Yoga Day for me is a reminder to work toward a better way with how we share this practice and how we help each other not only as a yoga community, but as a human community. We lead the experience of how we feel about ourselves. It’s our responsibility as Guides to take good care of ourselves so we can best serve. This is a special day to share the message that yoga is for everyone and we all deserve to feel better. By  Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala Yoga 

Free Intention Setting Meditation and Energize Yoga practice

According to Tara Stiles, Founder of Strala Yoga ” To celebrate International Yoga Day we are happy to offer a free Intention Setting Meditation and Energize Yoga practice for anyone interested in joining. Everyone is welcome to join with the group live 8am EST.” An added advantage for those who are unable to make it “the practice will be saved for those who would like to join on their own time.”

Tara who is also author of “Clean Mind, Clean Body: A 28 Day Plan for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self-Care.” is thrilled to celebrate a global community with diverse backgrounds “daily with Strala.” We love sharing yoga in a way that feels like you through our classes, guides and partner studios around the globe.

She believes “If you can breathe you can do yoga. Our wellbeing is connected and everyone is invited.

For more:

You can find the Intention Setting Meditation and Energize Yoga practice at or at the Strala Yoga app.

Try 108 Sun Salutations

Tamara Jefferies, MA, of Grow & Thrive Wellness who is an International Yoga Teacher has her own way of celebrating Yoga Day this year. She adds “As International Yoga Day aligns with Summer Solstice, I thought it would be fun to lead an Instagram Live yoga class of 108 Sun Salutations. It’s something I’ve done in the past with my yoga students, but I’ve never tried it online.” 

According to her “It is incredible to feel the changes in the body as you move through the sequence; around 70 you may feel like you’re going to lose it, but by 90 you feel like you could fly. It’s fantastic!”

Online Festival for Company Staff

“For International Yoga Day, I will teach at an online festival for companies that want to increase the well-being of their employees at work.” according to Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez, a Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training, she further adds “Yoga can be a valuable tool to keep you energized and promote good posture, especially after hours of sitting all day in front of your desk. And since yoga has been proven to have mental health benefits as well, employees can use the practice to relax their minds and get a boost of productivity. As a result, it helps lessen their everyday stress and, consequently, contributes to positive overall well-being.”  If you have questions reach out

Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self. Happy International Yoga Day!

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