Lip Gloss: For that Casual Sexiness


Lip Gloss: For that Casual SexinessAdd  dazzle and shine to your lips, along with a hydration advantage. Here's all about lip gloss!

Present day, lip glosses care for your lips and even contain SPF. Some may contain light-reflecting elements such as mother of pearl and active crystal ingredients to make your pout dazzle, and come in light, practically non stick formulae.


How to choose a gloss?

Depending on the look you desire

  • For a natural look, choose transparent gloss.

  • For a vinyl look, dare to wear fuchsia (and apply several coats!)

  • For nighttime, go for extreme shine with glitter gloss.

  • For a glamorous look, mix bright pink and purple.

  • For an up-to-the-minute fun look, gloss your upper lip bright pink and your lower lip orange.

How to Apply a Lip Gloss?
  • Lip Gloss: For that Casual SexinessScrub your lips before applying lip balm and rub with a paper towel to remove loose dead skin.

  • Colour your lips with a pencil, from the outer corner in.

  • Apply your lip gloss. This will ensure that the colour base lasts.  If you have a habit of licking your lips, don't choose glitter because it can get stuck in your teeth.

  • Reapply as and when you need to retain your shine. Apply matte or satin lipstick on your lips, then slick natural gloss over the top so that you donít change the tone, or fruity gloss for added zest.

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Dated 17 May 2013


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