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Mind-Body Interventions for Cervical Cancer

Many young women today, over 80% are exposed to HPV, a virus that lead to cervical cancer

Chemoradiotherapy as a part of treatment is associated with acute and long-term side effects that significantly impacts quality of life (QOL) in cervical cancer survivors. Cancer diagnosis and treatment is associated with significant emotional load and physical changes. Accompanied with a broad symptomatology including pain, fatigue, changes in functionality, low acceptance of body image, marital relationship difficulties, stress, and distress. 

Understanding Human Body

The human body is one big energy current. There is a voltage gradient between every cell created by a balance of potassium and sodium ions that flow back and forth from the inside to the outside of the cells. This voltage gradient creates an electricity flow that extends throughout your body. Through impulses between the central nervous system (the brain) and the rest of the body’s nervous system, the brain controls this electric gradient.

Mind-Body Intervention to Manage Cervical Cancer

Practicing Meditation that is visualization based, every day assists body healing, the cancer disappearing, and the energy of the cancer leaving every one of my cells.

MBI techniques or Mindfulness-based Skills (MBS) program is effective in improving quality of life and reducing distress in cervical cancer patients. The MBIs include practices such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong and they accelerate the mind to influence bodily functional changes.

Yoga can be integrated into the nursing practice as a supportive therapy for women with cervical cancer. Mind body therapies enhances the mind’s ability to control bodily functions. Thus improving the result of a longer and higher quality life for many cancer patients.


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