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August is National Wellness Month!!

In case you didn’t know, August is National Wellness Month! Wellness is not just a state of being in good health menthally, but it is your diet, your fitness regime, your way of life. People are looking at the outbreak of COVID-19 as a global reset and much like the world, your body also benefits from a reset.

Being that August is National Wellness Month, which focuses on self-care, creating healthy routines, and stress management, it is a great time to start looking at your overall wellness more closely and make changes. Your body is one big machine and like any well-oiled machine it needs to be properly taken care of; both on the inside and outside.

It is imperative to be conscious of what you are consuming and to stock up on food + beverages that are high in probiotics, which promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits from digestive health, boosting your immune system, weight loss and more

In celebration of National Wellness Month, here are three MUST TRY brands that promote a healthy living lifestyle, offer plant-based low-calorie alternatives, and good-for-you eating habits;

Three MUST TRY Brands 

DAH! Yogurt Offers 15 Billion Probiotics Per Serving

DAHl! is the leading India-styled Lassi and yogurt company in North America. The “India-style,” and “slow-cultured,” yogurts reflect the ancient Indian techniques of culturing yogurt at lower temperatures for longer times than most, if not all, modern-day yogurt brands. The result is a high-probiotic, richly-textured, intensely-flavorful yogurt, great for digestive health. 

As many leading competitors do not declare the actual probiotic count, DAH! remains committed to probiotic count transparency. Meditation and yoga, paired with the probiotic-rich lassi and yogurt products, is the essence of the DAHlicious brand and lifestyle.

The core values of mediation and yoga are a vital way to keep people connected and balanced mindfully,  while things beyond our control are happening around the world. To reinforce this message, DAH! is the first yogurt brand to make a probiotic count that is consistent per serving across all product lines. A yogurt that promotes gut health!

DAH! offers two lines of yogurt: 100% grass-fed organic whole milk dairy lassi, and almond milk cup yogurts. The dairy line consists of lassi (the Hindi name for drinkable yogurt) in 32oz and 7oz bottles. The plant-based line consists of almond cup yogurt in one 5.3oz size. 

The flavor varieties currently being offered by DAHl! include Plain, Alphonso Mango, Field Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Golden Milk, and Madagascar Vanilla. The company’s products can be found in Market Basket, Bristol Farms, Smart & Final, Safeway, Walmart, Publix, and specialty grocery stores. Visit for more information and Follow on Social Media @Dahlicious #LiveDAHliciously

Organic Honey Based Jun Kombucha by Wild Tonic

WILD TONIC® Jun Kombucha is a great well-rounded beverage option to add to your diet during National Wellness Month, and to keep there beyond.  What sets this brand apart from another kombucha on the market is it is made from organic honey instead of cane sugar which allows for a refreshing, delicate result, absent of a ‘vinegar’ bite common in traditional Kombucha.

The initial brew of sustainably sourced tea and honey along with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is infused with organic fruits, herbs, and botanicals to create the signature smooth taste. Wild Tonic contains prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants, without any artificial flavorings or sulfites. 

Wild Tonic offers traditional non-alc Jun Kombucha in 12/12 oz cans for $29.99,  Hard Kombucha 8/12oz cans for $29.99 and 16/12oz cans for $55.00. Non-alc is available to ship nationwide, Hard kombucha is available for Ecomm purchase in Arizona only, but nationwide via delivery apps like Postmates or Instacart from local retailers.

Non- Alc flavors include Raspberry Goji Rose, Blueberry Basil, Mango Ginger, Blackberry Mint, Lavender Love, Tropical Turmeric, Rosemary Lemon – Seasonal, Chai Pear – Seasonal and Hard Kombucha is available in flavors Blackberry Mint, Tropical Turmeric, Hoppy Buzz, Wild Love, Dancing Naked, Backwoods Bliss and Mind Spank. 

Their new slim can packaging varieties are also now available for direct online purchase at as well as at retailers all over the country such as Whole Foods, Pavilions, ShopRite, Gelsons, Sprouts and through delivery apps like Uber Eats and. Follow on social media @DrinkWildTonic #wildtonic

Made with Lentils and White Beans, Penne Straws by Vintage Italia’s Pasta Snacks are one of our favorite new go-to snacks.

Plant-Based Penne Straws; Pasta-Shaped Snacks by Vintage Italia

Consumers are being very conscious of what they are feeding themselves and their children and are always on the hunt for better-for-you-snack alternatives to fill their pantry with.  SNAX-Sational Brands’ Vintage Italia recently introduced Penne Straws,  a low-calorie, pasta-shaped treat that is made of lentils and white beans,  seasoned to perfection giving them authentic delicious flavor, offered in five flavor varieties and sold in 6oz bags.

Pasta Snacks is a chip alternative game changer that the entire family will enjoy.

Penne Straws are Plant-Based, Certified Gluten Free and feature a Non-GMO stamp of approval on the packaging, plus only 140 calories per serving.

The Vegan options include Cinnamon Churro (Total sugars 2g), Lemon Garlic (Total sugars 1g), Marinara (Total sugars 1g), Sweet Pepper (Total sugars 1g) and Non Vegan Mac N’ Cheese (Total sugars 1g).

Our favorite is the Marinara and the Churro. We literally cannot stop crunching!

Available nationwide and for online ordering at and at top national food retailers like Safeway, Albertsons, Shaws, Mariano’s, Market Basket, 7-11 and more.

Follow them on Social Media @EatPastaSnacks #PenneStraws

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