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New Year Resolutions for Your Zodiac Sign

As the New Year approaches, many of us reflect on the year that has passed and set resolutions
for the year ahead. However, it can be challenging to stick to our resolution, especially if they are
lofty or unrealistic. Luckily, the stars can provide some guidance on what resolutions are best
suited for each sun sign.

Emily Newman, a spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer at the Best of Psychic Readers
shares her expert input on new year resolutions for each of the twelve zodiac signs. According to
her “It’s all about connecting you with your positive energy.”

New Year Resolutions for Each of the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Aries – finish whatever you start.

Aries is a sharp and creative zodiac sign, yet they are always on the go. They are also uninspired.
They will not bother to finish what they start. So, Aries should vow to complete all they start to
attain their goals this year.

Taurus- learning new things.

Taurus is a hardworking but cozy sign. As a result, we cannot expect them to be more outgoing
and adventurous. However, learning new things is essential. They cannot always stay home,
watch TV, and do regular work. Instead, they should learn something new and keep themselves

Gemini – stop gossiping. 

Harsh but true. Gemini has two personalities. They are kind-hearted but love to gossip,
sometimes creating big blunders for others. So take a resolution. You will stop gossiping and not
create drama anymore. 

Cancer – Do a random act of kindness

Cancer is sensitive and kind. They love to help others, and it also boosts their morale. So try to
do some act of kindness to boost your day. It could be anything that you choose. Your simple
start of the day will fill your heart with joy.

Leo – improve listening skill

Leo is the smartest and most generous sign. When someone asks you for advice, give them a
proper solution, or someone trying to give you advice, listen to them. Be aware of a person while
they are talking. Improving listening skills gives you a healthy work-life balance.

Virgo – reward your success

Virgo is kind-hearted. Virgo often forgets they get success, and there should be time to celebrate
that, however small it is. Being a workaholic is good, but they should have time for themselves.
So give yourself a break instead of criticizing yourself.

Libra – Stop multitasking.

Libra is known for its balance. Libra needs to understand that multitasking can reduce their
memory, not only that, it will not give them a balance in life. By multitasking, they can only
complete some of the tasks.

Scorpio – forgive and forget.

Scorpios generally do not trust people easily. If the person hurt them, they find it hard to forgive
them. Take a resolution that you will forgive someone who had hurt you and are genuinely sorry.
And you will forget those who hurt you again and again. Try to trust everyone. Not everyone
will hurt you.

Sagittarius – travel within your budget.

Sagittarius loves traveling. However, traveling on a tight budget necessitates sacrificing some
comfort and luxury to explore the globe and get life-changing experiences. Sagittarius enjoys
travel and luxury. Thus they should learn to adapt to any situation with everyone.

Capricorn – spend some time with family and friends

Everyone knows how workaholic you are, but family and friends are necessary. Without them,
how will you encounter difficult times? So this year, take a break and give some time to your
loved ones. 

Aquarius – make small plans to achieve goals.

Aquarius loves adventure and freedom. They are independent signs and can take any decision at
the time they want. It is hard to stay on their decision for them. As they change their goals, they
will make them bigger and bigger. So they need to learn how small goals impact big goals. They
can plan small goals to reach the big goal.

Pisces – improve mental peace

Pisces is a sensitive zodiac who lives in an imaginary world. But when they have to come out of
their comfort zone, it’s hard for them. So you need to develop the ability to manage your feelings
and emotions… Try to do meditation, practice gratitude, and learn to take a break.
It is said that New Year resolutions are more likely to be successful if they are specific,
measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Therefore, for anyone looking to improve
their health and well-being in the coming year, whatever their sun signs, it is recommended that
they set resolutions that fit these criteria.

About the Author: Emily Newman. Is a psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer
at the Best of Psychic Readers with 10 years of experience. She is also a contributor

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