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Diet & Exercise Tips For Your Zodiac Sign

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Diet & Exercise Tips for Your Zodiac Sign

Though it might sound strange, astrology seems to provide us with an understanding and insight, how to manage weight loss problems. Each sun sign of the zodiac speaks a particular truth; a part of the ‘whole’ that it needs to express. But the weight picture in your horoscope is based on more than just your sun sign. The other planets, particularly the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all have something to say about weight, excess, appetite, and size.

ARIES (March 22-April 20)

If you were born under the sign of the ram, you can be impulsive, start a new eating regimen without too much planning. Rather than saying ‘I can’t face that’, you prefer to say ‘I can’. You expect quick results  and may lose interest if the benefits are not apparent.  Given the fact that they don’t like restrictions and have an impulsive nature, it is very difficult for them to stick to one program for long, so they need to be patient while waiting for results. Metric-based cycling allows ariens to monitor their progress and engage in a little friendly competition, whether that’s through numbers only—like at Flywheel—or through video game–like competitions throughout class.

Health Tip: Focus on proteins rather than carbohydrates. The part of the body relating to Aries is the brain – and amino acids from protein feed the brain.

TAURUS (April 21-May 21)

Taureans love to eat, so starvation diets are not meant for them, they could make them feel deprived and pretty miserable. A diet full of tasty but healthy food laid on the table creatively is the right way with them.

Remind yourself that a healthy diet can give you as much pleasure as a rich one (if you could find a space to grow some home-grown salad or veggies that would be even better). Once you get started your famous tenacity and perseverance will surface and you will not give in easily. Hardcore taureans look for a workout of burpees, push-ups, and planks while still connecting with the earth for the persistent, patience and balance, Many of these workouts have you rising with the sun, giving your day a rejuvenating start.

Health Tip:
Avoid sugar and over-rich foods, as Taureans are prone to weight problems. Opt for a program that offers all outdoor classes—all year long, rain or shine—so your commune with nature is complete.

GEMINI (May 22-June 22)

Being born under the sign of the twins means that you like to do at least two things at once, so a diet combined with an exercise programme would be ideal for you. As you are generally active and on the go, you are likely to burn off calories pretty quickly. Your main challenges are to stick to the diet you have chosen rather than flitting off to try a different one after a couple of days. Allow yourself enough time to sit down and eat a balanced meal, rather than eating standing up because you are in a hurry. All  Geminis must take time to eat nutritious food in a relaxed way, to help to balance their nerves. Gemini is known for being an intellectually alert thinker. To avoid boredom and ensure you stay focused, Star suggest you to take up pilates so that you can breathe deep throughout your workouts and make sure your mind is equally involved.

Health Tip: Avoid fast-foods. The part of the body relating to Gemini is the hands and nervous system.

CANCER (June 23-July 23)

This is the sign of the nurturer and of course food and nutrition are all part of being nourished and cared for. You are likely to use food to help you to deal with painful emotions and so the attitude you take towards a diet is important. Cancerians are nurturers and love to comfort eat, so should avoid unhealthy foods eaten in their childhoods There may be a temptation to have a secret little store of non-diet goodies to dip into – but you know that would not be taking your real needs into consideration. The idea of following a diet program doesn’t appeal to them. You feel most nurtured and alive when near the water and like to be involved in fitness routines that allow you to reflect. Yoga is an excellent option for you. Rooted in yoga, Crunch’s H2-OM class is an interval workout that allows you to find your sea legs on the mat, then apply them on a surfboard as the sound of crashing waves plays in the background. Music to a crab’s ears.

Health Tip: Avoid unhealthy food you ate in childhood. You need to avoid the urge to comfort eat to suppress emotions and to avoid digestive disorders.

LEO (July 24-August 23)

It’s important for Leos to feel good about themselves – and diet is best seen as a way of achieving this. Your spontaneity and confidence enable you to adopt a new healthy eating plan brimming with ideas and enthusiasm and your strength of character helps you to stick to the regime. You are well equipped to ignore anyone who makes fun of your efforts or criticizes your abstinence. Incorporating choreographed dance movements, whether basic or challenging, with high-impact aerobics gives you a fun and exciting cardio class that encourages you to sing along while you sweat. If Top 40 tunes are more your style, give Zumba a try, where instructors lead you through routines to the latest radio hits with extra Latin flair (think basic salsa and merengue steps) to honor the program’s roots.

Health Tip: Replace carb-loaded sauces with light marinades.

VIRGO (August 24-September 23)

As you are practical and methodical in your approach your diet is very important to you at all times but if you are embarking on a special dietary regime, keep a food journal, plan everything you are intending to eat by listing its nutritional value and benefits to your health. The ‘quickie get results in a week’ type of diet will not work for Virgos, who want to reach beyond easy solutions. You  have an innate awareness of the connection between your mind and your body. The difficulty for you will be your tendency to try to do everything perfectly. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Focus on core exercises to put you in touch with your gut and instinct.

Health Tip: Go organic to avoid allergies. Virgo rules the skin, which is often prone to allergies, and so these people need to avoid additives or pesticides in their food.

LIBRA (September 24-October 23)

The Scales usually have a slow metabolism rate and tend to gain weight easily, mainly because they have a sweet tooth and are not too inclined to exercise. But they are very conscious about their weight and appearance, so they need a lot of self-motivation to begin a diet program. There are so many diets out there it may be difficult for Librans to actually decide which one to choose. Once you do decide, you may be tempted to switch to another one which might just be better – or will it?  The motivation is definitely there for you as the idea of monitoring your eating habits so that you have nutritional balance is very appealing, especially if the outcome makes you even more physically attractive. You’ll benefit from strength training sections that focus on women’s trouble zones: hips, thighs, butt, abs, and arms, followed by stretch sections that help lengthen your muscles. Choose a plan that will balance you internally.

Health Tip: Choose foods rich in potassium, such bananas, leafy greens, fish and yoghurt. As Libra rules the kidneys these people are prone to diabetes. The correct potassium levels keep the kidneys healthy.

SCORPIO (October 24-November 22)

Scorpios have stronger will-power than any other sign and so once you decide on a diet you are almost certainly going to stick to it. Scorpios will willingly undertake a strict, painful fast if they see a transformation at the end.  Having perseverance, determination and a strong sense of purpose means you are excellent at controlling your impulses. You may not tell others what you are undertaking and will smile enigmatically when they say how well you’re looking, enjoying your secret. Known to be fearless investigators, the Scorpio is passionate about all things in life—and exercise is no exception. Empowering workouts that help you feel invigorated ignite your passion to work out. You like to choose intense routines, whether on land or water, that strengthen your core from the root chakra, the center of your spiritual power. Running and swimming are meant for you.

Health Tip: Remember to include enough roughage in your diet. Scorpio rules the bowels and these people often suffer from constipation, hence the need for a high fibre diet.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 22)

Abstinence is difficult for Sagittarians, who are prone to success. Sagittarians like to set goals and enjoy a challenge but may lose heart if results don’t happen quickly. You rarely do things by half and will enthusiastically throw yourself into a new diet with optimism. However, abstinence may be difficult for you as you are prone to excess. Be realistic about what you can achieve on a weekly basis and incorporate plenty of exercise and fun into the regime. No need to overdo it.

Health Tip: Cream, salt and sugar all have healthier substitutes. Sagittarius rules the liver and too much rich food can make these people feel very out of sorts.

CAPRICORN (December 23-January 19)

Working steadily towards a target works best for Capricorns. You won’t be looking for an easy overnight success; the more difficult the regime, the more satisfied you will be once you achieve it.

Testing your tenacity and perseverance comes naturally and you can survive deprivation if there is an end in sight. Don’t be too hard on yourself – healthy eating can be a pleasure and a diet doesn’t have to be an endurance test. Try disciplines such as aerobics, Tai Chi or weights. Forcing your muscles to work at a slower pace [whether that’s at a 4-count pace in an SLT class or when sludging through heavy mud and water on an obstacle course] will activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers, thus leading to long, lean results. It enables you to be more precise with movements and is more likely to avoid injury. A simple program of diet and light exercises is ideal for them.

Health Tip: Calcium is particularly important for you. Capricorn rules the teeth and skeletal system, so calcium is vital to keep these healthy.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 19)

Aquarians are attracted to quirky, unusual ways of doing things. You are an innovative and original thinker and ideally you could select a regimen and then individualize it so that it is different from the norm.

If you get bored or lose interest you will drop the diet without a backward glance. However, if you begin to adopt it as a way of life, you will stick to it like glue, resisting suggestions that you have gone far enough.

Moderation is the key, know when to stop. The high-intensity intervals that classes are composed of, coupled with the team spirit and fierce music, will get Aquarian hearts racing! You can set up a charity ride for your next fundraiser to get the biggest heartwarming bang for your buck.

Health Tip: Replace alcohol with ginger beer. Aquarius rules the circulatory system, which is kept healthier by avoidance of too much alcohol but stimulated by ginger.

PISCES (February 20-March 21)

Those born under the sign of Pisces dream of perfection, but finding a foolproof diet may not be easy and sticking to it might be even harder for you. Sometimes your feelings can be so overwhelming that having boundaries about what you eat and when you eat seem impossible. Therefore, under-eating can be as much of a problem for you as over-eating. Try bringing dance, yoga or meditation into your daily schedule as these are good ways for you to express locked-in emotions. Being a water sign, you’re a fish out of water if you work out on land too much, so make sure you are swimming more often than not.

Health Tip: Keep up your fluid intake as sometimes you eat when you are thirsty. Pisces rules the pituitary gland and Pisceans are prone to holding onto impurities which need regular flushing out with fluids.

Besides your sun signs, its your willingness and determination that will play a key role in achieving a healthy and fit body.

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