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Finding Right Shoes for Your Feet and Posture

Undoubtedly shoes are one of the necessities. Without right and suitable shoes your dressing cannot be complete. Also, bad footwear can cause various feet problems and diseases like Bunions, Ingrown nails, Corns and Metatarsalgia. Additionally, wrong selection of shoes is one of the major reasons of acute back pain.

Each step with a bad footwear has bad impacts on your feet as well as leg muscles and spinal cord.

Shoes that are Right for your Feet and posture depends on following factors.

Size of Your Feet

75% of feet diseases happen due to ill-fitting shoes. You should know that the size of your feet changes over the time and according to your daily activities. Knowing accurate size of your feet is important.

You don’t have to visit doctor every time before buying new shoes. You can easily check your feet size with Brannock device. Always choose which feel comfortable and fit. If you have been wearing size 10 and now 10.5 feels comfortable and seems fit, don’t worry, just buy that.

Width of Your Feet

Width matters as much as the size. You can’t choose shoes just considering the size. If the width of shoes and your feet do not match, it’s still a trouble. If the shoes you’re wearing are not of the same width as your feet, there will remain an empty space in your shoes which means they can’t support your feet properly and they aren’t shoes good for your feet and posture.  Ignoring feet width is a harmful mistake for your feet. Shoes with different widths are available.

Shape of Your Feet

The shape of feet depends upon the arch of your feet. You can have three kinds of arch:

Low Arches

When the middle of your feet touches the ground, it means that you have low arches or flat feet. Low arches bear most stress during extensive physical activities. People with flat feet often face cramps problem. If you have flat feet, choose thick soles which reduces arches’ stress.

High Arches

When your toes and heels touch the ground and middle foot does not engage much, it means you have high arches. In this kind of feet toes and heels engage most during walking or running. Best shoes for high arches mostly have soft soles.

Neutral Arches

If your feet touch the ground while engaging toes, arches and heels, you have a neutral arch. Trust me, it’s a blessing, you don’t need much to consider arch shape. Just buy the pair of shoes which feel comfortable and fit.

So, the next time you go out to buy keep these factors in mind. Do not get carried away by fancy designs and color. Remember after all you will bear the result. Prefer comfort over good look.

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