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Why should you add Rollerskating to your fitness routine this summer?

In the 1980s, rollerskating rinks were all over the place. Then, rollerblades found their way onto the market and people started using them as a replacement for running or cycling. It is quite understandable, as it offers some of the same advantages as these two.

Here is why you should think about adding this great exercise to your fitness routine this summer, and for as long as the weather permits it in your region. 

How to learn to skate

If you have never worn any skates in your lifetime, it will be somewhat difficult at the beginning. However, if you have used ice skates, it should come in naturally, when you put rollerblades on your feet. In fact, it is easier to learn than how to skate on ice. That particular surface takes quite a while, just to get used to standing on it, while it isn’t so much the case when learning to rollerskate on a hard surface. 

If possible, find someone that can teach you. The best situation is if you have friends that already exercise with rollerskates and/or rollerblades, or if they use them to travel from one point to another, in town. Having someone beside you to show you the rope is naturally optimal. Otherwise, there are online solutions. Even teachers can tell you what you are doing wrong, through a live camera call.

Protect Yourself

First, you need to make sure that you have all the protective gears that you need, before putting on your rollers. That includes a safety helmet, gloves that feature wrist guards, and also knee pads. Chances are you will take a few falls, especially at the beginning. Without those elements on you, to protect yourself, you could seriously get hurt. There is an interest in acquiring a whistle as well. If someone inside a car, or on a bicycle, doesn’t see you, whistle hard and long to get their attention rapidly. Finally, try to find a group of skaters in your neighborhood. You will make new friends, and it will be an incentive to go out with your pair of skates, instead of looking at them every day and postponing your outings.

Take care of Exercising while having Fun

Once you get the hang of it, the truth is that rollerskating is not seen as an exercise, as running is. People put on their skates and go out, just because they enjoy it. It is difficult to explain, but there is a sense of liberty that is attached to this sport. Most similar to the one you get while going down a slope, on skis. It feels like you are flying, to a certain degree, since your feet don’t actually touch the ground. And so, you take care of your body, without even having to think of it.

A good pair of skates is not that expensive. You can find some below $200 that will be of the highest quality. It is important to choose well, as they are the protective elements of your feet and ankle. Furthermore, skates are easy to carry around. You can buy a nice bag or use one that you already own and bring them with you everywhere. That is not something you can do with a bike, which is why they often get stolen, even when attached through a chain.

Health Benefits


The hardest part of rollerskating is finding the right posture to maintain your equilibrium. Once you have found it, you will discover that certain muscles in your body are necessary to keep it throughout the exercise. Strengthening these muscles will not only help you to skate better, but it will also help to maintain a better posture, off of your skates.


Just like running and cycling, rollerskating is a sport that helps your cardio to remain in good health. In fact, it is quite demanding on the heart, with your legs having to push your body the whole time. The heart pumps the blood through the whole body so that it circulates well. You can actually change your cardio routine by adding one single rollerskating tour per day if you enjoy it more than running, cycling, or doing laps at the pool.

Of course, it will help you build muscles, especially in your legs, and you will become a whole lot better regarding balance and coordination. All things that should incite you to add rollerskating to your life, right now.

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