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How to Beat Stress: International Stress Awareness Week


International Stress Awareness Week runs from the 7th to the 11th of November.

This year the focus is on emotional management. The increase in mental health issues as a result of the pandemic, particularly loneliness and grief, and the lack of investment in mental health services, call for immediate attention.

The American Medical Association says that stress is now the basic cause of over 60% of all diseases and illnesses (cancer, heart problems, etc.) A great deal of our anxiety comes from the little day-to-day pressures commonly faced in today’s workplace.

Most Common Causes of Stress

Pressure to Succeed – 60% of Young Adults
Self-Image – 49% of Young Adults
Health – 36% of Adults
Body Image – 36% of Women & 23% of Men
Housing – 32% of Young Adults
Work – 26% of Adults
Debt – 22% of Adults
With such staggering statistics in mind, International Stress Awareness Week is a vital event for us all to recognize, particularly in the workplace where burnout is common.

Some effective stress management techniques

When stress becomes overwhelming or chronic, it can affect your well-being. That’s why it’s essential to have effective stress relievers that can calm your mind and body.

It feels great to give 110% at work, but it’s important to always remember that taking good care of ourselves pays off professionally as well as emotionally. Develop stress immunity and resilience. Invest time in doing what helps you renew your energy. If we are going to put ourselves in the best possible position to work and win in this world of change, it is vital that we take back control of our lives and careers by choosing to gain control of our thought processes. Pretending that the stress stimuli are not all around us only increases the problem.

The way to progress is through recognition and action.


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