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5 Exercises To Overcome Stronger Quads & Weaker Hamstrings

stronger quads

Finding and correcting hamstring-quadriceps imbalance is absolutely vital for injury prevention and reaching your full fitness potential. One study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that 70 percent of athletes with recurrent hamstring injuries suffered from muscle imbalances between their quadriceps and hamstrings. After corrective strengthening and stretching of the hamstrings the imbalances every person in the study went injury-free for the entire 12-month follow-up. Don’t let weak or tight hamstrings develop into injury and limit your fitness potential.

Muscle imbalance results from weakness, poor flexibility and inadequate endurance in either the agonist or the antagonist.
Single-Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift

This is an awesome hamstring exercise you can do at home or at the gym. Its a single leg stiff legged deadlift


This is a great movement for helping balance your lower backside and frontside muscles. Remember, the posterior chain (lower backside muscles) has the greatest overall effect on your athletic performance.
Box heights can range anywhere from 6-24 inches to get you to parallel, depending on your height and anatomical structure.

Leg Curl

This exercise works the hamstrings (the muscles situated at the backs of the thighs).

Hip Extension

Lower Half Lunge

A quad-hamstring muscle imbalance is hard to rectify. Once you injure your hamstrings, it can take weeks or months to heal. Unless you take action to strengthen your hamstrings, you are vulnerable to reinjuring your hamstrings.

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