Top 10 Christmas healthy gift ideas


There are many wonderful gift options to choose from when trying to get the perfect, healthy and personalized Christmas present for that someone special on your list.  With the list below, it is possible to find an ideal gift, even for the person on your list who appears to already have everything a person could ever need.  Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to let the important people in your life know that you are about their health and well being.

Here is a look at some popular Christmas gifts for women, which include Christmas gifts and gadget options for your girlfriend, wife, friend, sister and even your mother.

Healthy Woman's Gourmet Gift Basket:  This amazing gift basket arrives loaded with award-winning gourmet snacks and foods that are low in fat and calories, but full of delicious flavor. Indulge without the guilt with this heart healthy gift basket including raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip, honey wheat dipping pretzels, bountiful harvest granola, two types of healthy trail mix, organic crackers, smooth all-natural peanut butter.








Herb Gardens for the Home: There are several herbs that are appropriate for small live Christmas trees. They add diversity to the season and are useful after the Christmas season. They are Rosemary, Greek Myrtle, and Bay Laurel. Rosemary is used in Europe because of the associations with Mary (the flowers changed from white to blue after she laid her cloak on it, and blue is the traditional church color associated with Mary). Additionally, it has a wonderful piney scent and makes a very small table tree. Check out,  Large Leaf Italian Basil Heirloom Seeds for $ 2.75 only, and Zyliss Herb Snippers for $ 8.80 only.



DeLonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill BG24, an indoor grill (for $59.95 only) can be a great alternative for those months during the year when outdoor grilling is not permissible due to weather conditions.  Nothing is healthier than a piece of meat or vegetable which have been cooked over a grill, which helps those on your Christmas list who are conscientious of the fat content in the foods they eat.  The DeLonghi model is made of die-cast aluminum and has a non-stick surface, imbedded heating element, adjustable thermostat, non-stick drip pan and an extra large cooking area.






Healthy Cooking magazine subscription, for those on your holiday gift list who enjoy trying new recipes and expanding their culinary skills, a subscription to Healthy Cooking magazine is an excellent idea.  The magazine is packed with delicious tasting and good-for-you recipes, which are big on flavor but low in fat and calories.  All the recipes are dietician approved, contain a complete list of nutritional information and provide diabetic exchange, and tips to help anyone achieve their optimum in dietary goals.  Subscriptions are always a welcomed gift and whenever someone tries a healthy, new recipe they are sure to think of you. Choose Cooking Light (1-year Subscription) for $19.70 etc.




Yoga and Pilates Mat Bag: Everything fits in this fashionable bag. The 100% cotton (excluding trim) tote bag is roomy enough to accommodate a variety of uses, with multiple inside pockets for all of your essentials. The exterior straps can hold any standard or premium mat. Bring style and practicality to your yoga or Pilates practice and use for your daily activities.







Calorie Burning Sandals: Fit Flops: Get a workout while you walk around. Engineered to engage muscles, lessen joint impact and absorb shock, these flip-flops burn calories and tone legs with every step. From running errands to working around your house, it's finally easier to stay in shape and multitask your fitness with a sexy, sporty look.



Earmuff and Hat Headphones for Music Fans: The Tec Fleece ear warmer, powered by JVC, fuses the warmth of an ear warmer with the crystal clear sound of headphones. Perfect for an outdoor run on those chilly fall and winter days. Or, wear them during your bus or walking commute without fear of messing up your hair. These headphones feel so light, you could forget they're there, except for the incredible quality...



Candles: Candles and their related accessories are also very popular as Christmas gifts for women. They offer the women with a chance to relax by taking in their sweet smell and enjoying the wonderful ambience they help to create. There are a number of accessory items to be used with the candles like reed diffusers and lanterns.








You could book a two-day health spa pass as a gift, or if you desire something more exotic, an Arabian Rasul steam vault experience. In this treatment, you are treated to four different types of mineral-rich mud and healthy salts that work to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and your skin smooth and supple. This is a perfectly indulgent Christmas gift for her and a friend, and for you too if you wish!







A medicine ball, which can apparently be used to make already unpleasant exercises like side lunges even more tortuous.




If you are still looking for a better gift option, Try Women Fitness Membership. Have a happy and healthy Christmas.

- WF Team

Dated 22 December 2011

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