Top 10 Things to Keep you on Track

We all need a little prodding to move in the right direction. Whether you want to finish a project, lose weight or just get in a great mood, here are ten things you can do to keep yourself on track.

Feed Your Mind & Body

Top 10 Things to Keep you on TrackWhat is one of the BEST ways to start your day? Breakfast. A healthy breakfast gets your metabolism going, boosts your energy, and helps you eat well throughout the day, so you get and stay fit. Feed your mind with some inspiration to get some added oomph, such as the quotes in this newsletter, your favorite self-help book, the Bible, whatever works for you.

Get Organized

There's a daily routine which will keep you focused, clear, motivated, and moving forward. These are things you do each day which make your life easier. What would be the habits that would enrich your experience of life, every day? Pick the ones you REALLY want, not the ones you SHOULD do. You'll have a healthy routine, you'll feel good, you're focused, and you have more energy.



Boost Your Attitude

Your attitude is shaped by your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's really easy to feel good when the going is good. The key to vibrant energy and a powerful attitude is to MAKE yourself feel good, ESPECIALLY when the going's tough, and you don't feel good, or you don't want to feel good. And what goes around, comes around. So how do you want to feel?


Motivate Yourself

If you want to begin a new habit, or reach a new goal, try taking it one day at a time. What can you do TODAY to keep you energized and on track? "Just for today, I'm working out for 30 minutes (you fill in the blank with your choices)." What does this mean? SUCCESS, one day at a time.


Create & Visualize

Take the time out during the day to create the life you want, the body you want, the career you want, etc. Visualize everything about it: how you think, how you feel, how you act, what you're wearing, the house you're in, EVERYTHING. Write down your vision on paper. Carry that mental image with you. Whenever your mind gets foggy from staring at the computer, or you're involved in a mind-numbing project and you need a break, daydream for a few minutes with your "creation." You'll come back to your work with more energy and an attitude adjustment.

Top 10 Things to Keep you on TrackGet Physical

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Energy will NOT be handed to you. If you want it, do what's necessary to get it. Get off your butt and get going. As you continue exercising, your energy stays elevated, you feel great, you look great, and you wonder why you had such a hard time getting going in the first place.

Divide & Conquer

When your internal voice pipes up and tells you, "You can't do that. You'll never succeed," STOP YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY. "NO! (or STOP! or ENOUGH!) I CAN do it. Here's HOW I'm going to do it. Here's the help I need to make it work. I find SOLUTIONS, not problems." Or something like that.



Convince Yourself

When you write down your vision of the life/body/career/etc. you want to achieve, write down two lists: "WHY I Want This" and "Why I BELIEVE I Will HAVE This" and describe EVERY reason you can think of. Read it every day and every night for the next month.




What's important to you, REALLY IMPORTANT to you? Where are your priorities? If you decide you want to exercise 30minutes daily to lose 30-some pounds, put it in your weekly or daily schedule AND MAKE IT NON-NEGOTIABLE. No ifs, ands, or buts. Stick to it. It will become a part of you - if it really matters to you.



We get so hung up on getting the results, that we forget about the journey to get there. So the goal seems farther and farther away. "Am I EVER going to get there???" When you state your goals and put them on paper, what is the process for achieving the goal? This process involves MILESTONES. Milestones are stepping stones to your ultimate success. Now, wouldn't it be nice if you got a reward for reaching your milestones and ultimate goals? Sure it would. Rewards keep you motivated to keep on keeping on.  Be sure to make your rewards inspiring (and NON-EDIBLE) to keep the drive alive.

Goal achieving becomes fun, as well as, rewarding.


Dated 05 December 2013

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