Why Women Fitness 

Since the time of it's launch in the year 2000, Women Fitness has continued to serve women all over the world, help them follow a healthy lifestyle. WF health and fitness experts believe women deserve to make health a priority so that they can serve their family, children and society at large in a better way. At Women Fitness, we're here to tell you that wanting to look good may seem shallow and superficial, but it is truly a wonderful thing! After all, looking good means reducing your body fat and building lean, toned muscles... and how do we do that? That's right - by working out and eating right.

Because of technological advances our lives have become much more sedentary. We no longer have to get up to change the channel on the TV nor do we have to actively engage our arm muscles to roll a car window down or up. We even get to sit in our car as it is being washed for us. This has in a way proved detrimental for over health by reducing over level of movement. Remember, when someone loses the ability to do things for themselves it's not because of the aging process it's because of disuse.

With rapid increase in health problems arising out of sedentary lifestyle it has become important to focus on fitness of body, mind and soul, especially for women. Women Fitness aims at bringing all the information women need to improve their nutrition and activity level. Movement is the essence of life; with little or no flexibility we can no longer perform the activities of daily living.

Women Fitness gives you a number of reasons to become a part of it. Read on...


We at Women Fitness believe in bringing women the best of health and fitness, by providing them content on health and fitness which is easy to understand and follow. Suggesting how simple changes in your lifestyle can improve your health considerably.



At Women Fitness, women from any age group, country or lifestyle can find something or the other useful with regards to health and exercise. We have more than 100 easy-to-cook healthy recipes from all over the world with nutritive information and cooking instructions.


We at Women Fitness believe in being honest with our members while guiding them in achieving desired health and fitness goals. WF health and fitness experts believe their is no shortcut to a healthy body and one needs to modify daily routine to make the results last for a life time. Women who join Women Fitness are those who believe in achieving a healthy and fit body.


Pregnant and postnatal women stand to gain innumerable health benefits from Women Fitness. Our team of health and fitness experts, gynecologist and nutritionist work round to clock in designing diet and exercise routine for pre and post-partum women, so that they can have a healthy pregnancy and avoid unwanted weight gain.


Women above 40 need special attention depending on their changing physical, emotional and psychological needs. WF health experts take special care of their health needs and guide them accordingly. We have a dedicated section for Women at 40. Pain management through exercise therapy is a area of our focus during this time. Regular exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis in women by strengthening their bones. Besides some women find that exercise relieves the symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT) and periods pain.


For those of you looking for body building and strength training, WF has a category clearly marked where you can find all the information on exercise, nutrition and supplements.

WF weight loss program is based on the five components of complete fitness, namely, cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility training, optimum nutrition and weight management. A program based on these components has minimal chance of failure. If you sincerely follow the instructions provide, you will definitely see results. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.


WF health and fitness tools offer a clear indication of your success on the path towards a healthy and fit body. Our Target weight, BMR, BMI, Waist-to-Hip ratio, Test your abdominal strength, Body Fat calculators offer a in-depth insight into your present fitness status and at the same time provide input on your day to day improvement by following a healthy routine.


We completely understand that women on the path of health and fitness need constant motivation. For this reason we have a motivational page designed to prevent drop out. This page is changed every day. WF members receive weekly motivation via e-mail to keep them focused on the path towards healthy living.


Last but not the least, women are the most important concern for us and we believe in doing every thing possible to change their lives for better .

Women fitness (WF) believes that every woman can achieve a desired body if she believes in herself and works whole-heartedly to achieve a healthy and fit body no matter what comes in her way. These changes will help not only her, but also her family for we believe that every women can design a healthy home if she believes in the various characteristics which make a healthy, fit and positive personality.