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Train With The World’s Best Personal Trainers This Year

Women Fitness unveils its list of the personal trainers to train with in 2019.

1. Sarah Harradine

Location: TRAIN Heald Green, Manchester, UK

Favourite exercise: Deadlifts – a brilliant full-body exercise which makes you feel super powerful!

What her clients say about her: Honestly, signing up with Sarah and starting to train with her was the most frightening thing I could have done. I’m not a gym person, I’m a 42 yr old mother of 2 who enjoys hot buttered toast and a good book. I have surprised myself by falling in love with training and that is entirely down to Sarah’s beautiful encouragement. I really didn’t think I was the sort of person who had a personal trainer but Sarah is very special. She makes me feel worth the investment and worth the effort and that, just on its own, is priceless. -Alison Bond McNally

Instagram: @squatbot

2. Jaime McFaden

Location: At Bay Club, California & on the Aaptiv app

Favourite exercise: Planks! They work the whole body, and you can do them anywhere.

What her clients say about her: “Being a new mom, I find Jaime McFaden to be inspiring and motivational.  Her workouts are tough physically, but keep you grounded mentally with her ‘word of the workout’. Based on her goal the workout, she can pump you up, or mellow you out.  Jaime makes fitness accessible to everyone – I took her classes throughout my pregnancy and am turning to her again as I make my way back into the groove postpartum. I love feeling like I’m working out with a friend every time I press play.” – Tara D, Aaptiv member

Instagram: @jaimemcfaden

3. Lynn Montoya

Location: Tustin, CA (Orange County)

Favourite exercise: Competition burpees. They provide a full body, strength & cardio training in a single exercise.

What her clients say about her: “My training with Lynn began two years ago at my lowest point. After years of major health issues due to a demanding, high-profile career, I needed a seasoned professional that possessed the “secret” for maintaining health and fitness despite the challenges of life, career or age. Lynn is genuine, extremely experienced and creative (specializing in HIITs and strength training). Not only does she train beside me during each session, she has built my confidence slowly and immeasurably. Lynn cultivates a culture within and among her clients to empower women through strength training, encouragement and positivity that has truly changed my life.” -Rachel Fisher

Instagram: @lynnmontoyafitness

4. Dede Lagree

Location: Lagree Fitness Studio, Los Angeles

Favourite exercise: French twist

What her clients say about her: “Danielle Lagree has the unique ability to motivate and inspire her clients through authentic enthusiasm and passion. It is clear through her meticulously customized workouts that she is committed to each of her clients’ goals. Danielle’s training technique transformed my body almost immediately, and I continue to see progress that tones and shapes my body in ways I didn’t know I was capable of. I’ve been training with Danielle for two years, and I’m so grateful to her for giving me a body I’m proud to flaunt on Instagram” -Mercedes Delusive

Instagram: @dedelagree

5. Amy Ledin

Location: Hamilton, Ontario – Goodlife Fitness & Lean Bodies Gym

Favourite exercise: The deadlift. It always makes me feel like a bad ass.

What her clients say about her: “I was skeptical about working with a trainer, thinking that it couldn’t possibly be applicable to your average working Mom, but I was wrong.  I spent 20 years of my life working out like a mad-woman mostly doing cardio and more cardio and eating healthy (and quite frankly not very much), only to actually have the scale move upward over the years. I was strong but I wanted to see it when I looked in the mirror … and feel great about it. Today I am that person thanks to Amy. Best investment.” -Jen Cheung

Instagram: @amy_ledin

6. Kathie Vandermeer

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Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Favourite exercise: Deadlift

What her clients say about her: “Overweight, Stressed, Exhausted, and just overall weak, this was me before Kathie. Since starting my new lifestyle with Kathie as my Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, my health has changed ( 50+lbs gone), my fitness has improved beyond my wildest imagination (couch to 10k runner and weight lifter ) and my mind is of a safe and happy state. Her training style in the gym is exactly what I had hoped – Teaching me to be fit and about fitness, not just telling me what to do.” – Dominika Jaczryk

Instagram: @kathievandermeer

7. Kyra Williams

Location: Tampa, FL, but trains clients online via

Favourite exercise: Deadlift as it recruits the most muscles in the body and builds muscle faster than any other lift.

What her clients say about her: “Kyra taught me proper nutrition according to my needs. That includes the right balance of nutritional macros in order to keep my batteries full. Her workouts are SO doable and don’t take half a day to accomplish. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the workouts with both strength training and cardio. I don’t want to sound dramatic but Kyra is saving my life and my sanity. I can get off the floor once again!!! I have a sense of pride in myself and I am smiling once again for the first time in years. I came out of the depths of despair to sheer giddiness. LIFE IS SO GOOD!!! Thank you, Kyra, for believing in me!”

Instagram: @kyrawilliamsfitness

8. Jacqueline Kasen

Location: Miami’s premier wellness center: Anatomy, at locations in South Beach and Midtown Miami

Favourite exercise: My favorite exercise is a pull-up. Having the ability to perform pull-ups gives me the feeling of achieving a certain level of strength physically and mentally; it’s very challenging and taxing on the body that leaves you feeling accomplished.

What her clients say about her: “Jacqueline is not a body changer—she’s a life changer. For the last 4 years, she has brought enthusiasm, knowledge and energy to our sessions that inspire me well beyond the gym. Although technically my personal trainer, I’ve come to rely on Jacqueline as my primary source for well-being, which includes everything from my physical to mental fitness.  I’m consistent in my training because I’m driven to emulate her character. She also can scream really loudly and can be scary AF (in a good way). Pro tip: Show up to every session with your shoelace untied. She loves that.” -Jordan Barrocas

Instagram: @kasenfitness

9. Lindsay Bennett

Location: At home gyms or her on-site home gym in Nashville, TN

Favourite exercise: My favorite exercise is the goblet squat! Not only is it a great lower body exercise, but it challenges and engages your whole body (especially your core) when done correctly! It’s total body engagement gets your heart rate up and makes it a great fat-burning exercise!

What her clients say about her: “When I started working with Lindsay, I told her all the things that I can’t do.  I can’t squat.  I can’t jump.  I can’t lift heavy.  The list went on and on.  Some of it was true.  I really did have trouble squatting (which Lindsay corrected in one session).  Most of it was in my head.  Lindsay has helped me become stronger, and healthier.  More importantly, she’s helped me to see all the things I can do.  I now have the confidence to try new things not only in the gym but also in my personal and professional life.”-Crescent M., PharmD, PhD, Marathoner 

Instagram: @TrainerLindsay

10. Courtney Roselle

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Favourite exercise: Anything with a barbell, but particularly clean complexes with a barbell (Power Clean, Full Clean, Hang Power Clean, Hang Full Cleans)

What her clients say about her: “I have been training with Courtney Roselle for a year and a half on a weekly basis. Being one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable coaches I have ever worked with, her passion for training goes way beyond the physical aspects of the job. In my time training with Courtney, I have learned about my body awareness, personal mobility recovery needs, and have made tremendous gains in my strength mentally and physically. Courtney is incredibly determined, motivated, and truly loves what she does. Her enthusiasm, smile, and contagious laugh and personality fills the room with positive vibes. Working out is now more than just exercise because of Courtney. She is the reason I have grown a love for Crossfit and the benefits that come with living a healthy and functional lifestyle.” -Nicole Skoller

Instagram: @courtney_roselle

11. Ellyse Kummer

Location: Peak powered by LulaFit located inside The AON Center 70th floor (within amenities center called The Cloud Level)

Favourite exercise: Squat because it has so many variations

What her clients say about her: “I am into my 8th visit with Ellyse Kummer, an effective, knowledgeable trainer.  Ellyse translated my physical needs and capabilities, as well as my life-long negativity towards exercise, into a feasible, yet challenging routine that I have now incorporated into my daily life.  By demonstrating the correct way to exercise and explaining the impact on my body, Ellyse transformed my disdain for fitness into a program I can maintain over the long term.  This is a complete life change for me as a 62-year-old, out of shape woman who is now on her way to living a long, healthy life.”  -Denise P.

Instagram: @mindbodyenergy

12. Egle Staisiunaite

Location: Ignite 155 powered by LulaFit located inside 155 N Wacker Drive Second Floor 

Favourite exercise: Sprint repeats (8x 30-second sprints with 2-minute rest)

What her clients say about her: “After my mother recently passed away from dementia, I resolved to begin exercising every day, in an effort to maintain mental agility well into my senior years. Egle could not have been a more perfect match as a trainer. She is down-to-earth and approachable, but driven and serious. She leverages her experience (she’s an Olympic athlete!) to tailor workouts to my particular limitations (I’m a doughy 53-year-old!), and in doing so keeps everything challenging and fresh. I even send Egle articles on the latest longevity research, which she enthusiastically studies and incorporates into my fitness regimen. A true professional. ” -Eric

Instagram: @egllesta

13. Stefanie Kass

Location: LulaFit Headquarters (on the LulaFit management staff–oversees 60 fitness professionals)

Favourite exercise: Barbell thruster

What her clients say about her: “Stefanie is an amazing trainer. She not only provides you with the motivation and workout to help you meet your goals, but teaches you tools you can use on a regular basis. She is very accessible, great at keeping you accountable, and very knowledgeable in her field. Even with a stipulation or particular workout preference, she will work with you so you still see the results you are training for – I highly recommend her!” -Brittany V.

Instagram: @trainer_stefkass

14. Corey Phelps

Location: DC, MD, and VA (and online), in Private studios to in-home to corporate office and everywhere in between.

Favourite exercise: Tie between Turkish Get Ups and burpees 

What her clients say about her: “Corey is bar none the best trainer, exercise, and nutrition scientist I have ever met. Her multidisciplinary approach combines data and evidence-based techniques with practical know how to make sure you get results.  Since I met Corey, I look better but more importantly feel  stronger, leaner and am empowered to live a more fulfilling life.”  – Ryan Dempsey Argentieri 

Instagram: @cultivatebycorey

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