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Yoga Asanas to Practice Before Retiring to Bed

By Lara Heimann

Sleep is so important for our health, especially for our immunity and nervous system. Preparing for bed is part of our entry in to sleep, so try these poses to better prepare your nervous system to relax and restore. The purpose of the poses in the sequence below is to wring out the stress of the day, slow down the breath, and focus the mind to declutter your thoughts before slumber. Whatever you chose to practice before bed, make sure it creates ease in the nervous system and doesn’t heat you up. The body naturally drops in temperature before going into deep sleep so help this transition with soothing moves.

5 Asanas to Help You Sleep Better

This gentle prep is your invitation to go to sleep with more balance and harmony in the body, breath, and mind. 

Cat/Cow in Quadruped

Head Rolls

This action will release tension in the scalp and down regulate the nervous system. 

Knees to Belly

This move will ground you and help to release the low back. 

One Knee to Belly

This move will lengthen the back and extended leg and open the front hip in a gentle way. 

Side-lying Arm Circles

This move is relaxing for the nervous system and helps to wring out tension in the shoulders. 

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