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Home Yoga Routines and Classes to Keep You Grounded

Yoga Routines and Classes

Thanks to the current Corona-virus crisis, most of us are stuck at home much more often than we are used to. And with gyms and fitness centers currently temporarily closed, you might be wondering if there are any exercises that you can do at home to help keep you grounded and stay healthy and well without having to leave the house. Yoga is an excellent exercise to do at home as it can be done in almost any room of the house and poses can be easy to learn online from sites, blogs, and YouTube videos. There are several great yoga poses, classes and routines that are ideal for keeping you flexible, healthy, and grounded during the current lock-down.

Classes and Routines that you might find useful. 

Yoga Apps

If you’re thinking of doing yoga from home, there is a wide range of yoga apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet and start using straight away. Pocket Yoga and Yoga Studio are some of the best yoga app options that can be downloaded at a minimal cost, and there are plenty of free options too. Some free apps have monthly subscription options which are ideal for signing up to if you are serious about learning yoga from the comfort of your own home, covering all the basics that you need to know and including regular classes that you can choose from. 


YouTube is an excellent resource to use if you want to find free yoga classes and lessons. There are various popular YouTubers to choose from who offer a range of yoga classes and routines that you can follow along to, including Yoga With Adriene, Edyn Loves Life, and CorePower Yoga on Demand. Each one focuses on different types of yoga and there’s something for everybody, whether you are looking for gentle, restorative routines or yoga lessons designed to strengthen your core flexibility. There’s a huge range to choose from whether you are a complete beginner, have done some yoga before, or are quite experienced. 

Yoga Instructors

If you prefer to do your yoga routines with an instructor talking you through each pose, many yoga instructors are currently offering online classes through streaming sites and video call apps, which might be an ideal option for you to consider. If you normally work with a yoga instructor, it might be worth getting in touch with them to see if they are currently offering any Zoom classes for the coronavirus lockdown that you might be able to join in with. Many Yoga instructors are also offering free, pre-recorded yoga lessons on streaming sites. 

Yoga Poses for Grounding:

Tasadana (Mountain Pose)

This pose is excellent for keeping you grounded and stretching your entire body. Begin by standing with your big toes together and your heels slightly apart. Lift your chest and position your shoulders downwards, with your palms stretched forward. To finish the pose, add the slightest tuck to your chin and point the crown of your head upwards. Breathe deeply in and out through your nose and constrict your throat. Stay in this pose for five to ten breaths. 

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Begin by reaching your arms straight in front of you and crossing your right elbow under the left, bringing your forearms up and then allowing your palms to meet by twisting through the wrists. Align your elbows with your shoulders by lifting them and pull your forearms forward, gently gliding your shoulders down the back. Then, shift your weight onto your right leg, inhale, and slowly lift your right leg high up and over your left leg before wrapping your foot around the outer edge of your right calf. Sit down as deeply as you can, and stay in the pose for five to ten breaths. 

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge with Eagle Arms)

Keep your arms in the same position from the Eagle pose and gently bend your right leg while stepping your left leg as far back as possible before landing on your toes. Lift your chest and sink your front hip forward and down to bend into your back knee. Move towards a 90-degree angle with your front leg and move your back leg towards as straight as you can, moving your left thigh bone upwards and engaging your abs. Then, pull your Eagle Arms forwards and up, pointing your forearms and elbows skywards. Hold his position for five to ten breaths. 

Parivrtta Anjaneyasana (Revolved Lunge Pose)

From a lunge position, lift your chest until it is directly over your hips, and place your hands in a prayer pose in front of your heart. Lean halfway forward with your chest and twist your right elbow to the outside of your right thigh. Anchor yourself by pressing your left thigh bone upwards and driving your left heel back. Stack your elbows to press your palms together and push the tips of your shoulder blades towards your heart. Stay in this position for five to ten breaths. 

As we stay at home most of the time during the current crisis, yoga can be a fantastic way to stay healthy and improve our wellbeing in these uncertain times. 

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