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Yoga For Runners

Yoga Runners

Yoga and running have a lot in common, in a way that both require practice, agility, flexibility, patience and your own breathing method.

Runners, more than often complain of sore feet, bad backs and knees, tight hamstrings and hips. Yoga has the ability to help all of us get better – better in terms of healing and rehabilitation, better in terms of strength and flexibility, better in terms of the elimination of pain.

Yoga teaches that the foot should be engaged and considered as a weight-bearing tripod. The center of the heel, the ball of the big toe, and the ball of the pinky toe are the three points and weight should be distributed evenly between them. The arches should be lifted and the toes relaxed. A very simple one-footed balancing pose, vrksasana, develops this awareness and is extremely helpful in eliminating ankle roll injuries.

You can begin with these basic poses to gradually integrate yoga into your workout routine :

Just sitting crossed-legged rotates the thigh bones, stretches the inner thighs, and flexes the knees. For beginners that are uncomfortable on the floor at first, sit on the edge of firmly bolded blankets or on a cushion.

Runners can use yoga practice to balance strength, increase range of motion, and train the body and mind. Asanas move your body through gravitational dimensions while teaching you how to coordinate your breath with each subtle movement. The eventual result is that your body, mind, and breath are integrated in all actions.

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