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How to Boost Your Mood Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone goes through different moods, but did you know that mood swings- and how to cope with them- vary depending on your zodiac sign? When you understand the secrets of the planets and stars, you’ll know it’s no accident some people are prone to melancholy moods while others seem to bounce back from a low point instantly. But we can all learn to navigate burnout and bad days based on the wisdom of astrology.

Your Zodiac & Tips to Boost Your Mood


Aries people are born optimistic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience a low mood from time to time. Aries are most likely to feel burned out than sadness or despair because they overcommit and try to be everyone’s hero. Aries can bounce back from burnout by reconnecting with their individual talents. People born under this sign have solid personalities and thrive on creatively expressing what makes them unique. Physical exercise can also be an antidote to a low mood. They are challenging themselves, competing, and winning to boost Aries’ mood.


Taurus people seem steady and grounded. You may think nothing ever rattles someone born under the sign of the bull. But just because Taurus strives to remain practical, doesn’t mean they never have mood swings. Taurus can become burned out, angry, sad, and distraught when their sense of security is challenged. They avoid going to extremes but show they are having a hard time by isolating and retreating. Taurus’s best coping skills involve luxury and comfort- in moderation. Taurus should treat themselves to their favorite foods, curl up with their pet and listen to relaxing music, or vent to a trusted friend when they are in a bad mood. Journaling and savoring a bubble bath or other sensory experiences like visiting a salt den or doing yoga also help Taurus.


Gemini is known to be moody because their minds are fast and they go from euphoric highs to epic lows because of their state of mind. Gemini can be inspired by others for better or worse. When Gemini is in a bad mood, their first line of defense should be positive friends. Cynical, pessimistic friends make Gemini’s bad mood worse. This sign needs to talk things out with upbeat and optimistic people. They also find relief in writing stories, journaling, and playing video games.


Cancer has a reputation for being one of the moodiest signs because as a water sign, they crave security and are ruled by emotions. They seek comfort in their home and family when stressed or depressed, but if they aren’t careful, Cancer can cut them off from the world and isolate them at home. Comforting foods and time spent with children, pets, and loving family members nurture Cancer’s soul when they are in a bad mood. Encouraging friends and affectionate partners help Cancer come out of its shell.


Leo people are dramatic and extroverted. They try hard to hide it when they are in a bad mood, but eventually, this sign must be authentic. They cope with mood swings by being transparent. Leo may go on social media and bear their soul as a tutorial to others going through mood swings. They experiment with a new style or dramatically change their appearance; dying their hair or getting a tattoo or makeover helps Leo work through a bad mood. They can also find less extreme measures to help such as exploring creative writing or using their artistic and entertainment gifts to bring themselves out of a bad mood.


Virgo people have a tough exterior that seldom cracks. They can conceal a bad mood but deep inside, this sign agonizes over every detail. Their bad moods are often triggered by anxiety related to their perfectionism. They can channel this energy productively by cleaning, exercising, or reading educational books. Yet Virgo must be careful to avoid extremes and compulsive behavior when under pressure or in a bad mood. Volunteering to help others lifts Virgo’s spirits.


Libra can go through mood swings although they strive for balance and harmony. This sign is sensitive and influenced by others’ moods and troubles. Libra’s best coping skills for a low mood can be writing poetry and listening to romantic music. They may also find serenity and balance by spending time with friends and volunteering to help others on a crusade for justice and fairness.


Scorpios are subject to intense mood swings because they are both sensitive and defensive. They bury their feelings yet can’t hide from their anxieties and insecurities. This sign tries to cope with mood swings by maintaining a façade of control. But eventually, they must find healthier ways to deal with their low moods. Scorpio can find relief in a mystery movie or book, or by trying to solve mysteries in their own lives. This sign loves to research and channeling their curiosity to learn more about esoteric topics helps lift them out of a bad mood. They should avoid excessive alcohol or drug use as this coping style can backfire quickly for Scorpio.


Sagittarius people are carefree and easygoing. They seldom get into bad moods because Sagittarius has no qualms about walking away from anyone or anything that stresses them. They follow their bliss and seek pleasure. Yet they can have occasional mood swings. Sagittarius finds it soothing in the study of philosophy and spirituality. Getting involved in something bigger than themselves is a key aspect for Sagittarius people to find hope and healing during moody moments.


Capricorn usually gets into bad moods related to work and money stress. Their first line of defense is to try to bury themselves in work but this often backfires. Instead, this sign should seek ways to unwind that appeal to their sensual nature. Getting a massage or engaging in yoga or gentle stretching exercises are good ways for Capricorn to come out of a bad mood.


Aquarius people are erratic and have intense emotional ups and downs which adds to their complicated nature because they often pride themselves on being intellectual and not emotional. This sign needs social interaction to thrive and when they are in a low mood, being around optimistic, creative people help get them on track. Aquarius can unwind and find relief from a bad mood by reading science fiction books, tinkering with their technological gadgets, and exploring esoteric spiritual teachings.


Pisces people are susceptible to emotional highs and lows because they are one of the most empathetic of the water signs. They can lose themselves in emotional swings if not careful. For Pisces, the key to the remaining level is creative expression. Their artistic and musical outlets are a lifeline for emotional Pisces to deal with moods. They also benefit from spiritual practices like meditation and trance. Connecting with others on an emotional level also helps Pisces overcome depressed moods.

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