RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

If you were to pick between coming to Women Fitness (WF) and letting Women Fitness (WF) come to you, what would you choose?

For those who prefer the latter, RSS/XML feeds are available free for individuals and non-profit organisations.

RSS/XML feeds can update headlines on your computer software as they change through sections of E-Mag at Content can fly to your desktop faster than it takes to say 'What's new?'


Getting started

  1. Download and install free RSS reader software.

  2. Add the links below to your RSS reader...

    RSS for Softwares supporting version 2.0


    RSS for Softwares supporting version 2.0


    Atom Feed for Softwares supporting version 0.3


    You can add Women Fitness RSS Feed in My Yahoo index page. url=


  3. That's all! Now you need not miss a Women Fitness E-Mag ever again.


How do I read these feeds?
Once information about news items is in RSS format, RSS reader software can check for changes and updates. These headlines will appear on your screen with details.



Some free RSS readers are…

  1. Feedreader:

  2. BlogStreet Info Aggregator:

  3. AmphetaDesk:

  4. Wildgrape NewsDesk 1.1:

  5. SharpReader:

  6. KlipFolio:

  7. BlogExpress:

  8. RSSConnect:

  9. Awasu Personal Edition:

I have the RSS reader. Now what?
Each feed is just like the address of a Web page. All you need to do is use the 'subscribe' function of your RSS reader to start receiving updates.

Makes sense. But what about XML?
'Extensible markup language', or XML, splits information (be it content or images) by markers like 'headlines', 'introductions', 'footnotes', or just about anything else, making it easier for computers to locate specific information using those markers. XML examines information online, fitting it into structures that can be called upon to give you exactly what you want.

Welcome to a whole new healthy experience. With Women Fitness E-Mag RSS Feed.