Alicia Bell: Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Kinesiologist, Strength, Track and Field Coach Reveals her Workout and Diet Secrets

Alicia Bell: Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Kinesiologist, Strength, Track and Field Coach Reveals her Workout and Diet Secrets Alicia Bell is a Toronto based Kinesiologist, Strength Coach and Track and Field Coach who has devoted her life to helping people reach their goals in fitness and sport. She is a nationally recognized track and field coach who coached team Canada at the Maccabi games in Israel in July of 2013. She lead the team to 13 medals. Alicia has over 10 years of practical and educational experience and is a published Fitness model for Zenzation with her pictures gracing their equipment and she leads their product DVD instruction.

Alicia has experience working with many types of clientele. She has worked as a Kinesiologist and an Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist. She is also experienced at weight loss, strength training, toning and athletic conditioning. She has worked with clients such as Dwight Howard (NBA), Rashad McCants (Former NBA), Geoff Harris (Olympic 800m runner), Lil Jon (Rapper/Dj), Karla Moy aka HustleGrl, Hill Harper (actor, author) and even the mother of the Toronto rapper Drake.

Alicia is a former national level sprinter having competed at many national competitions including the 2005 Canada Summer Games. She ran for Dalhousie University where she completed her 4 year undergrad and trained under coaches Peter Lord and Jason Hiltchie. Upon graduation Alicia moved to Ottawa Where Hugh Colin and Craig Taylor Coached her at the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club. During her undergrad at Dalhouside University Alicia began coaching track and field beginning with Queen Elizabeth High School, Dalhouside Track and Field Club, and she coached team Nova Scotia twice at Legion Nationals during her time in Halifax. She then coached the Youth Programs with the Ottawa Lions and when she moved to Toronto began coaching with the York University Track Club.

Alicia was also the National Champion in Beach Flags in 2005 for team Nova Scotia. Alicia beat out the only other female at that time to ever win beach flags in Canada. Alicia was also the runner up for the same event at Nationals in Grand Beach in 2007.

What is beach flags? It is an event performed amongst Lifeguards at competitions. Athletes are divided into different groups and approximately 20m away there are hoses (flags) put into the ground. However there is one less flag then there is are runner in the heat. Therefore every heat someone gets eliminated. Athletes lay face down in the sand with their heels together, hands are crossed, the official says �heads down� at which point all athletes lower their chins on their hands. The official blows a whistle, and at this point the athlete must react by getting up as fast as they can and sprinting to get a flag. The trick is that you don�t have to get the flag directly in front of you and you can go for any flag�therefore athletes dive into the sand to reach the flag first. It can be vicious and very crowd entertaining (especially when athletes miss the flags or can�t find them). When the heats get small enough they are combined, and by process of elimination it comes down to two athletes and 1 flag.

Alicia is also a published author. Having a four page picture spread and article appear in the March/April 2014 Issue of Impact Magazine.

Alicia�s Certifications

  • BSc in Kinesiology

  • CanFitPro Personal Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition � Level 1

  • Crossfit � Level 1

  • Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor

  • Fit Wall Instructor

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy � Essentials

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy � Level 1

  • Fitness Kick Boxing- Level 1

  • NCCP Coaching Course Facilitator for Level 1 & 2 Track and Field

  • NCCP Athletics Canada Run/ Jump /Throw Instructor

  • NCCP Level 1, 2, 3 Coaching Theory

  • NCCP Level 1, 2, 3 Coaching Sprints & Hurdles Technical

  • NCCP Level 1, 2, 3 Coaching Sprints & Hurdles Practical

  • NCCP Level 1, 2 Coaching Jumps

  • NCCP Level 1 Coaching X-Country Skiing

  • CPR Certified

Alicia Bell: Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Kinesiologist, Strength, Track and Field Coach Reveals her Workout and Diet Secrets Alicia Bell is a Canadian exceptionally talented and accomplished Kinesiologist, Strength, Track and Field Coach. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: Tell us about your journey that took you to the top of the world of fitness training?

Ms. Alicia Bell: I started out being athletic my whole life. I played almost every sport that you could growing up. I realized quite early that I was a very fast runner. I chose track and field as my sport of choice. I competed in track and field events in elementary school, high school, University (Dalhousie) and post graduate. During University I started coaching track and field and training people outside of track as well. When I graduated and moved to Ottawa it was an easy progression to a coach and personal trainer. I originally wanted to go back to school and do a graduate degree but I fell in love with training and never looked back. I happened to be working at The very first Steve Nash (NBA player) gym in Vancouver when I was approached by Dwight Howard to train him while he was in Vancouver and that's really what made me realize this is now my career.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: How your experience and background of BSc in Kinesiology has helped you in your present profession of Fitness Trainer, Fitness Expert and Fitness Model?

Ms. Alicia Bell: Having a BSc in Kinesiology helped me more understand the human body in movement. It gave me the scientific background to understand what can go right and what can go wrong with the human body. It also taught me that there's more to training than just making people sweat. The importance of biomechanics, mobility and nutrition are all integrative roles that you need to consider when training someone. The degree gave me more of an ability to understand the different needs of my clients and create more individually specific programs to help them achieve their goals, pain free, injury free and in a timely manner.






Dated 04 May 2015


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