Bianca Burke: Striking for Higher Goals


Bianca Burke: Striking for Higher GoalsTwenty-two years of age, a leading Fitness model and Bikini Competitor, winner of second Place at the fitness competition, the Natural Buckeye Classic and working as a Qualitative Data Researcher- well, its no other than Bianca Burke.  

Experts from her Interview with, in her own words.

According to Bianca, exercising right and eating healthy  helped her in maintaining the figure she had, but she was looking for a  bigger change. One that would require increasing the intensity of her workouts and fine tuned nutrition plan. Initially, healthy eating to her was 3 square meals a day with foods from the 4 food groups, 8 glasses of water daily, 30 minutes of cardio/weight lifting everyday. As far as the correct form of weight lifting or the best type of cardio, she hadn't the slightest idea. It took a hernia surgery, constant muscle cramping, soreness and fatigue to really push her into educating herself about how to build a healthy body and mind. She decided to enlist the help of a teacher, or personal trainer, to show her what it takes to get the desired body.

In April of 2010, It took about 5 months of training, correct nutrition and water consumption to develop the sculpted physique she had envisioned from pictures she viewed from health magazines.

Now she follows a clean, stripped down diet low in sodium and sugar mixed with healthy fats. Lots of lean protein, veggies and whole grains like brown rice. She exercises 5 days a week-5 days of weightlifting and 3 days of cardio.


Bianca Burke: Striking for Higher GoalsAccording to Bianca "It is certainly difficult trying to balance a work life with school, family and staying healthy. I have struggled with this myself! The key is to make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Anytime you feel you have 'free time' you should probably be working at something-studying a couple minutes for an upcoming exam, going over the report you are about to turn in to work. I really try to use every moment of time I have productively. I feel whenever I am bored, nothing is getting done which leads to me getting behind in my work.

As a figure competitor in the natural bodybuilding field, I support natural supplementation to the fullest! Chemicals and synthetics can only cause damage to our bodies whether right away or later on in the future. Fitness is about prolonging life and if you take care of your body with natural products, it will yield the healthiest results." 

Talking about models, she admires, this is what she has to say "When my focus was on figure training, I really admired Jamie Eason and Ava Cowan. Jamie is a picture perfect example of how beautifully artistic and feminine a woman can be with muscles. She is such a down to earth person that it makes you feel like she's the girl next door; it's like she's you. Ava Cowan I admire because she is another very muscular woman who is very feminine well. A lot of times it can be difficult to be a girl with muscle definition and still keep your feminine charm. I feel that she exemplifies this aspect very much."

On Women Fitness "I like the section on Yoga very much from Yoga is an important exercise to master because it teaches you how to relax your mind and body while teaching you to focus your thoughts. This can be carried over into your regular fitness routine: when you feel like giving up during your last 5 min of cardio, go to your calm place, focus on a positive word to make it through the rest of the way successfully. Women Fitness, provides its readers with an array of different topics on how to grow not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind as well. I think a lot of people in fitness can overlook one of the most important muscles in our bodies, the brain! This is a muscle that needs just as much attention and nourishment as the rest of our body for optimum development."

She adds "What motivates me is seeing other girls out there with goals similar to mine who are looking to promote women in fitness as something that is feminine."

 "Focus and doubt are what differentiate good and legendary."  is one of Bianca's mantra. 

A message for WF readers "In a sea of compliments, there's always that one shark that comes along and throws you an insult. Use your focus to concentrate on, and remember the good things others have said and build yourself on that."



- WF Team

Dated 18 October 2011

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