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Top 5 Makeup Trends That Will Rock 2018

Top 5 Makeup Trends That Will Rock 2018

The thought of New Year eve awakens our bolder side — the one that’s excited to play with the colors, textures, and shapes we hesitate over the other days. With the holiday around the corner, al of us are charged up with inspiration from the scouring red carpets and Instagram.

The top 5 trends are,

  1. Goden Glow Highlighter

    In the age of rainbow highlighter and holographic finishes, use of vibrant colours is welcome addition to ourmakeup arsenal. A powder formula in a pigmented, yellow-gold hue. Dust it all over cheekbones, use it aseyeshadow, or spot strobe just like Rihanna’s Killawatt— the options are endless.

  2. Upside-Down Liner

    2018 brings in the technique which is one of the quickest ways to inject color into your eyes, while requiring virtually no makeup skills. Use a shadow or liner in your preferred shade to line your bottom lashline. The result is a pop of color that defines your eyes.

  3. Lift up the inner circles

    A touch of a carefully-placed pigment on the inner circle of the eyes can instantly brighten up your eyes. Rather than calling upon more natural shades like Champagne or white to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, makeup artists are opting for fun pops of color in shades like pink, orange, or even baby blue. Use your ring finger to dab the powder onto your tear duct and finish off with a few lashings of mascara.

  4. Twiggy Lashes

    The name of the Colossal Spider Effect Mascara, might scare you with its impact on your eye lashes. The formula adds an instant boost to the volume, meaning you can ditch lining your eyes and head out the door faster.

  5. Glittery Eyes

    Tap some glitter (we love these) all over your lid and finish off with a few layers of mascara. Bonus points if you pair it with bouncy curls. For those of you who want to dip your toes in the trend, but don’t necessarily want chunky glitter on your face, go for something with finer sparkle.  Whether you’re looking for pink, gold, or duo-chrome, there’s something instored for you. One of the favorite glitter shadows is the Stila Glitter & Glow liquid shadow collection — it comes in a gorgeous range of crease-resistant, shimmery shades from sheer silver to jet black with flecks of gold.

Well here you are all geared up to welcome 2018.

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