The Women Fitness (WF) Strength Training Programs are customized to your experience and fitness level, goals and personal interests, and time and equipment availability. You can choose from the below workouts to implement a very effective program that is right for you.

Each program is 12 weeks in length. When you've completed your first 12 weeks (Beginner), you can go on to the next 12-week program (Intermediate), and on to (advanced), and so on; or develop your own program by following the principles and guidelines in the Strength Training Contents (on-line "how-to" manual) and the exercise instructions and the demonstrations. And feel assured, our fitness experts will personally help you every step of the way!

Each 12-week program includes the exercises you should do for each muscle group, the number of sets and repetitions you should do to achieve your goal, and the order in which you should perform the exercises. In addition, you'll find a program explanation (what, why, when, in which order, how often, etc.) for each of the 12-week programs.

We also design strength training program for women suffering from pain and injury to help the regain strength and muscle tone .To know more about strength training contents follow the link- Strength Training For Women.



Beginner 2 Days / Week
Beginner 3 Days / Week
Beginner 4 Days / Week
Beginner to Intermediate
Beginner to Intermediate 2 Days / Week
Beginner to Intermediate 3 Days / Week
Beginner to Intermediate 4 Days / Week
Intermediate 2 Days / Week
Intermediate 3 Days / Week
Intermediate 4 Days / Week
Intermediate  to Advance 3 Days / Week
Advance - I 3 Days / Week
Advance - II 5 Days / Week



Home and Travel workout
Home and Travel workout 2,3 Days / Week