Square Brows: A Fashion Choice for 2013


Tinted Contact Lenses: Watch Their UseEyebrows are the facial feature that have captured hearts and redefined facial features. I just love them! Although intended to be nature's protection for the eyes, women and beauty personals have come to esteem them as a thing of beauty.


More and more women are looking for a flatter, straighter, more masculine look. I think it has to do with the increasing surge for equality of the sexes. Women are subconsciously favouring a masculine brow. Some women are even turning to hair transplant surgery to fill in their over-plucked brows.

Eyebrow setting depends on how your eyes sit and the size of your forehead. For small, narrow foreheads, you donít want high arches, which look too close to the hairline.

Brow Tips:
  • Eyebrows should be at least two shades darker then your hair colour or they will get lost in your face.

  • A strong brow can help balance strong features such as a square jaw and give a slimming appearance to a round face.

  • The inner corner of the brow should begin  from the outside edge of your nose up to the inside corner of your eye.

  • The tail of the brow should end from the center of the upper lip, along the outer edge of the nose, up to the outer corner of the eye.

  • For sharp angles in a brow, you may need to trim hairs.


Eyebrows: Growing Thicker
  • Tinted Contact Lenses: Watch Their UseBrows have raised their profile on fashion runways, growing thicker and working a sharper angle with each passing season. This year they were a part of  Marc Jacobs rock 'n' roll, "party girl" look  at  the Spring 2013 shows in New York. "A bolder brow gives balance to all the looks we are seeing now," said Nars International lead makeup artist Uzo, citing the models for Marc Jacobs' spring 2013 collection as her favorite example of brows that are "superdramatic, superdark and squared, paying homage to the '60s and Edie Sedgwick." For a square brow, push a hard-angled brush into a brow powder or pigmented wax. Place the brush blade vertically on Point A (straight up alongside the bridge of the nose) and flick slightly toward the middle of the brow.

  • The beauty look at Alexander Wang this season was minimalistic, modern, and slightly androgynous. Diane Kendal for NARS  gave the models  strong boyish eyebrows, bleached for a luminous effect.

  • Diane Kendal for MAC Cosmetics also concentrated on boyish eyebrows matching it with cherry red lips at the fashion show in New York.

Time to go bold with your brows.

Dated 09 November 2012


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