Top 10 Uber-Trendy Colors for Spring 2012


Top 10 Uber-Trendy Colors for Spring 2012There is no doubt that beyond an outward simplicity and a willing discretion, fabrics convey strong emotion through subtle handles and the refinement of human imperfection.
Inevitably, spring makes us think of new life, new hope and renewed energy. With the lethargy and dullness of winter slipping away, women want to look re-energized and vibrant.

Spring 2012's Colors for women are:     


 Tangerine Tango: An orange which possess lots of uplifting qualities.  The color gurus call it “a spirited reddish orange, [that] continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.”  In fact, Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2012 pointed to designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Nanette Lepore, Cynthia Steffe by Shaun Kearney, Elie Tahari and Adrienne Vittadini as incorporating the lively shade into their spring collections. As Tangerine Tango is a “fun, lively take on a traditional autumnal hue,” it is expected to hold its power position into the fall fashion season as well.


Solar Power: Mustard or the so called solar power color is one of the favorite this spring. From bright golden yellow to soft lemon meringue, rich mustard to neon chartreuse: spring 2012 gets a burst of optimism with sunshine hues. Catch up with  warm and happy color which create a sense of cheerfulness and playfulness. Psychologically, it is optimistic, uplifting and illuminating, brightening people's spirits.  If you’re not convinced with taking up the challenge and flaunting an overall yellow look, then take the safe route and mix a subdued shade of yellow with earthy tones, like grey or black. For an all-yellow ensemble, go bold and clash the look with contrasting accessories. Neon yellow with cobalt blue is a great option for spring; also a leafy green works best for a skirt and shirt combination. Turquoise, tangerine and lilac are great colours for contrasting yellow. Belts, cotton headscarfs, socks, shoes, detachable collars or even cuff link – pick one and clash your outfit with a bold splash of yellow

Top 10 Uber-Trendy Colors for Spring 2012Sodalite Blue:  Sodalite Blue is basically a dark cobalt or bright navy. It can be used as a neutral tone with the season's bright colors or used with neutrals as the pop of color. Try it as an alternative to basic black to help get out of the winter style rut. The color represents order and calmness. You can try jeans, sweater, solid cuffs, sandals, bag etc.  

Cabaret Pink:  A Hot Pink tone that will be a popular wedding color trend for spring especially when combined with Tangerine Tango. This is a fun color to wear if you are a daring and want to bring a pop of color to your dress. Try out pink in jewelry, nail paint, lipstick, cell-phone holder to show that you are in trend.  You could turn up looking scintillating and sexy.

Starfish:  A blend of khaki, sand and nude tones. When flirty, energetic cool colors like Spearmint, Strawberry, Ocean and Deep Indigo are mixed with dusky, earthy, warm neutrals, like Terracotta, Desert Rose, Vermillion, White Sand, Clay, Pistachio, Bark, Hemp and Sage, they can work magic. Work in the color in your dress, make up shades and accessories. 


Top 10 Uber-Trendy Colors for Spring 2012Margarita:  A blend of lime and seafoam green. This piquant and soft yellow-green lifts spirits with its refreshing and stimulating glow. Combine Margarita with Sweet Lilac or Cockatoo for a subtle alternative. Margarita green and bellflower purple create a beautiful color combination and are two of the trendier color options to choose from.  

Sweet Lilac: Among the top 10, it is the most romantic color of the season, reminiscent with warmth, summer & blooming gardens. Delicate pinkish lilac adds a touch of romance to any wardrobe. Drape yourself in this romantic color for  a date or an significant event.

: Every season needs neutrals to balance the palette of favorite colors, and the choices this year are reminders of smooth Honey and clean Sandstone. A beige-grey combination known as Driftwood speaks of weathered cottages and sand-washed beaches. By mixing these softly muted tones with bright vivid colors and mischievously delicate pastels, women’s fashions for spring and summer are guaranteed to be fun-loving and playful with just a hint of classic finesse. Subtle & elegant by itself.  

Top 10 Uber-Trendy Colors for Spring 2012Bellflower:  Well if you like purple, you will probably delight in wearing Bellflower. We all already know that when flowers blossom in spring they bring joy to nature and Bellflower will bring just that to your wardrobe! It will look great as a solid or as part of a pattern, and since it’s subtle, it will also make a great makeup shade. Check out actual bellflowers for a lovely representation of the hue.

Mint Green: Nestled somewhere between seafoam and celery, this color makes us long for warm days when we can don it for Sunday brunches, afternoon strolls, and maybe even a cocktail party or two — it's just that versatile! Mint green looks beautiful with other pastels like baby pink, pale blue, lavender and yellow as well as tried-and-true neutrals like beige and white. The hue comes in tons of shades. some see mint as more of a robin's egg blue, others imagine a greener, grassier variety. whatever your personal take on the color, you try and find at least one statement-making mint piece to add to your spring wardrobe; it will no doubt become your go-to staple and will transition so easily into fall.

This year, dresses are back with a vengeance in just about every color of the rainbow. They come loose, belted, shirt-waisted, and A-lined, with or without sleeves. With many different styles available this season, you can find a dress that flatters your body shape and type.

Look for accessories like scarves, belts, shoes, and jewelry to incorporate colors like orange-tangerine tango, yellow-solar power, lavender-bellflower, and teal-cockatoo. Don’t be afraid to add in some nature prints like jungle, garden, landscape and even flower power. Try mad wild prints inspired by the retro art world or nature’s own abstract graphics. These all evoke a renewed sense of energy and update your wardrobe for spring-summer 2012.


Dated 30 April 2012


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