Concentration Curl


Muscle Worked



  • With a dumbbell in your right hand, palm facing away from body, sit on a flat exercise bench with your feet about shoulder-width apart, knees bent.
  • Bend forward and extend your right arm between your legs so that your elbow and upper arm are braced against the inside of your thigh.
  • You should be leaning slightly into the right side knee. Rest your other hand on your other thigh/knee, or hold your right elbow in place.
  • Without bending your wrist, slowly curl (raise) the dumbbell up toward your shoulder, bracing your elbow against your thigh and leaning on your other hand for support.
  • Hold for a brief second flexing your biceps.
  • Return to the starting position in a slow, controlled manner.
  • Switch arm positions and repeat.
  • Don't jerk the weight up. And don't let the weight just drop. Always use slow, controlled form.
  • Don't rest between alternating arms. One set constitutes separately working both arms. Quickly switch the dumbbell to the alternate arm and continue. There is no reason to rest too long between sets (when one set of right and left arm has been completed), because the alternate arm has had a natural rest.