Lying Leg Curl


Muscle Worked



  • Lie face down on a leg curl machine with your knees just below or off the bench of the machine and your Achilles Tendon (below calf/above heel) hooked behind the roller pads.
  • Your legs should be fully extended with some natural flex at the knees, and your toes should be pointing down.
  • Reach and hold on as far forward as possible so that your lower back is unable to arch.
  • Keeping your pelvis flat against the bench, raise your heels up toward your buttocks so that your legs bend to about a 90 degree angle and hold for a brief second while contracting (flexing) your hamstrings.
  • Return to the starting position in a slow, controlled manner.


  • Don't let your back or pelvis rise from the bench in an arch. If you notice your back or pelvis is rising from the bench try placing a small pillow under your pelvis and grab as far forward as possible.
  • Don't swing the weight up using momentum.
  • Don't drop the weight down. Use a slow controlled motion.