Upright Row (Db)


Muscle Worked

Primary-Side and Rear Shoulders


  • Stand upright holding dumbbells in both hands next to each other, palms facing your body, leaning on your upper thighs.
  • Your arms should be extended down in front of you with back straight and abdominal tight.
  • Pull the dumbbells up slowly to your chin, keeping the dumbbells close to your body and with elbows high and pointed out.
  • When the dumbbells nearly touch your chin, flex your shoulder muscles and pause for a brief second.
  • Slowly return to the starting position keeping your back straight and your chest out.
  • Make sure that your wrist remains in a line with your forearms the whole time.
  • Don't arch your back.
  • Don't just hurry to finish off. Each step should be performed in a slow motion