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Yoga & Meditation

TRX: An Effective Tool For Yoga

Fear of falling or getting injured can prevent performance of certain yoga poses but by balancing with the TRX, you're somewhat supported-so it's less scary.


Thongs: Sexy Inner Wear With A Warning

Majority of women do not pay heed to some minor details while choosing underwear. After all, it is just underwear, what can go wrong? That's not Right! The size and material of your underwear does matter, especially when it comes down to Thongs.


Women Beauty

Hijab: Is it Causing Health Hazards?

Use of hijab have been banned in schools, frowned upon in the workplace, and banished from passport photos. This style of dress, leaves only a very small portion of skin around the eyes exposed, greatly reducing the surface area of the body which sunlight is exposed to and hence reduces the amount of Vitamin D synthesized.

Fitness for Models

Exercises For Women To Get Chiseled Sexy Calf Muscles

Chiseled calf muscles look sexy on a female. When you wear shorts or short tight lowers it makes heads turn. Women Fitness brings to its readers a complete resource for women to have perfect sculpted calf muscles.

Obesity Center

Too Much Weight During Pregnancy Vs. Kid's Obesity

Eating healthily during those all-important nine months can stop your child becoming obese, and avoid mental-health and social issues.

Top 10 Fitness Tips

Top 10 Heartburn-Friendly Party Snacks

Nearly 40 percent of Americans have heartburn at least once a month, according to the American College of Gastroenterology.


Fertility & Pregnancy

Staying Healthy and Fit during Pregnancy

The stereotype for pregnancy is a woman eating pint after pint of ice cream while kicking her feet up on a pillow. While that carton of Chubby Hubby might hit the spot, it's not doing much for your health or you baby's health during your pregnancy.


Rate your Fat-Eating Habits

Fat is an essential part of the diet. yet eating too much of it - especially of highly saturated animal and dairy fats - appears to be a major factor in many illnesses. The following questions are designed to help you to rate your own fat-eating habits. Tick the boxes that most closely reflect your diet and check you score.