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Why I am Over Weight

What you weigh is the result of several factors:
  • How much and what kinds of food you eat?
  • Whether your lifestyle includes regular physical activity?
  • Whether you use food to respond to stress and other situations in your life?
  • Your physiologic and genetic make-up
  • Your age and health status.


A Successful weight loss and weight management program like the one offered by Women Fitness (WF) addresses all of these factors. And that's the reason to ignore products and programs that promise quick and easy results, or that promise permanent results without permanent changes in your lifestyle. Any ad that says you can lose weight without lowering the calories you take in and/or increasing your physical activity is selling fantasy and false hope. In fact, some people would call it fraud. Furthermore, the use of some products may not be safe.

  • Healthy WeightlossAt Women Fitness! we comply to the rules of healthy weight loss laid down by National Institute of Health (NIH) & help women achieve their desired weight loss goals by helping them in
  • Setting realistic, achievable weight loss goals. At Women Fitness we help women establish sensible goals for themselves and help them, to go about and achieve their desired goals. If you follow these goals chances are you'll be more likely to meet them and have a better chance of keeping the weight off. In fact, losing even five to 10 percent of your weight is the kind of goal that can help improve your health.
  • Improving food choices so that they can improve the nutritional quality of the diet as they take off unwanted pounds. Making better food choices will not only help you in taking off the extra pounds but also leave your body well nourished. Members receive weekly meal plan, however there are more than 100 healthy recipes along with detailed information about ingredients used, instructions and nutritive information which members can prepare at home. We also provide nutritional management guidelines for various diseases like- osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, breast cancer etc.
  • Learning proper portion control according to personal requirements. At women Fitness, women are informed how to make use of portion control in order to prevent extra weight gain.
  • Learning emotion control to achieve portion control by staying focused. WF members receive "Monday Motivation" via-email, every Monday in their email box. Our words of inspiration and success quotes have helped a number of women stay focused towards all aspects of life.
  • Learning how to balance the food you eat with physical activity- WF team constantly provides information on how to strike a balance between diet and exercise through our "on-line books" based on the five components of complete health and fitness, namely, cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility training, nutrition and weight management.
  • Using exercise as a significant tool in maintaining a healthy and permanent weight loss and along with becoming more fit. Members receive personalized cardio & strength training program depending on their goals, level of experience, age and limitations. In fact, our job begins once we receive members personal information provided by them- the team of health and fitness experts goes about in providing the best of advice keeping in mind the desired goals.
  • Developing a well rounded exercise program that will support your weight management goals permanently. The Weight Management component of the Women Fitness (WF) program is not a diet program that you�ll quit because it�s too difficult or because you�ve reached a six-month weight-loss goal. Women Fitness offers a healthier way of eating and a happier way of living. We offer a realistic, sensible approach to food and a more fun and more effective approach to exercise. We teach you how to gradually adopt those new behaviors so that they become part of an improved way of life, one without guilt, without rules and without deprivation.
  • Keep your body and mind in harmony so that you can do what needs to be done so as to keep the extra pounds off. Our exhaustive resource of Articles and Top 10 tips work as true motivator, keeping the members focused toward following a healthy diet and exercise program.
  • Keeping a track of the present health status and progress by using WF Health & Fitness Tools selected to help members constantly measure their progress. Click here, to check out the list of health and fitness tools offered by Women Fitness.
  • Members can contact WF Team of Health and Fitness Experts for a quick and speedy reply within 24 hrs. We promise that while you work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, we will keep you well informed with the latest developments in the field of healthy weight loss via articles and Top 10 tips.
  • We also promote a maintenance program to all our members free of cost.

    We completely assure you our team of health and fitness experts will provide you complete assistance and motivation in achieving a healthy weight. Please do not forget to take prior permission of your doctor before joining a weight loss program.