How much do you know about chronic illness ?

How much do you know about chronic illness ?


Chronic illness doesn't mean only arthritis, heart disease and the like - it includes asthma, allergies and dozens of other conditions. Yet even those who live with them often know little about such complaints. Find out how much you know by trying this quiz. Tick the right answers and check your score below.


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What is a chromic illness ?


An illness that is serious.         

An illness that continues for a long time or that keeps coming back.

A fatal illness.         



Which of these chronic health problems is most common ?



High blood pressure.




What proportion of the British population suffers from hay fever ?


 Over 10 per cent.

 2 -5 per cent.

 Under 2 per cent.      



What is the main difference between an allergy and an intolerance ?


 They are essentially the same, but allergies are worse.

 You can grow out of an intolerance but a true allergy lasts for life.

 People with allergies have different kind of antibody in their blood.



Which statement about acne is true ?


 Eating chocolate and other oily foods makes it worse.

 It can be treated with antibiotics.

 It affects only adolescents.



Which of these three statements about asthma is true ?


 It is safe, and even advisable, to take exercise if you have asthma.

 Country air is better for asthma.

 Asthmatics should try not to use an inhaler unless they really have to.



Which should an ulcer patient avoid ?



 Spicy food.

 Acidic food.



Which symptoms would you see in someone with high blood pressure ?


 Redness in the face and irritability.

 Fatigue and muscle cramps.

 There are no special symptoms.



Which is the most important if you have high blood cholesterol ?


 Being careful not to overexert yourself in strenuous activities.

 Cutting down on cheese, butter and fatty meat.

 Cutting down on high-cholesterol foods, such as prawns and liver.



Which one of these common drugs may prevent a heart attack ?