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Target Weight
Target Weight

WF have developed a method to calculate an individuals target weight, so as to help women evaluate themselves and achieve a target weight.

To estimate your Ideal Weight you need to first approximate your Frame Size. Bend forearm upward at a 90-degree angle. Turn the inside of your wrist toward your body. Place your thumb and index finger of your other hand on the two prominent bones on either side of the elbow. Measure the space between your fingers on a ruler (if possible, use a caliper instead).

Once you’ve found your Weight Range, choose the weight right in the middle, which is your Ideal Weight ( Copyright 1996, 1999 Metropolitan Life Insurance- Company).

If your elbow breadth falls in the range given on the table, you have a medium frame. If it is smaller, you may have a small frame. if it is larger, you have a large frame.

Height Elbow Breadth
4'9" - 4'10"
4'11" - 5'2"
5'3" - 5'6"
5'7" - 5'10"
5'11"  up
2.25" - 2.5"
2.25" - 2.5"
2.375" - 2.625"
2.375" - 2.625"
2.5" - 2.75"




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Sex: Female
Height :   (in Feet ; eg: 5' 6")
Weight : (in pounds; 1Kg = 2.2 pounds)
Elbow Breadth :
(Click  to see the picture) 
(in inches; eg: 2.6)


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