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Calorie Cycling: Idle for Body Builders

26 May 2016

Calorie cycling is a systematic method of raising and lowering daily calorie intake. The main way this diet works is the zig-zagging of the starchy carbs.

Meet Amanda Bisk: An Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Fitness and Yoga Expert

26 May 2016

Amanda Bisk is a Former Pole Vaulter who was inspired to take up Fitness and Yoga to lead a healthy lifestyle. From here began her journey into the world of professional fitness and exercise which made her achieve over a 500,000 followers on Instagram and other platforms. Lets take a look at how it all began.

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International Mediterranean Diet Month

May 2016      

Researchers announced their findings at a recent Brussels conference, telling those in attendance that adhering to the NU-AGE Mediterranean-style diet measurably decreased the levels of a particular protein.


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Fat Burners: Temporary fixes to weight loss
07 May 2016

When you check into a supplement store or open a health magazine you will notice that you are bombarded with various fat burning "magical" pills which will promise a leaner you in 7 days or get you amazing abs in 4 weeks.


New Heart Guidelines to stop Newborn Defects
10 May 2016

The American Heart Association estimates that out of 1,000 births, nine babies will have some form of congenital heart disorder. Congenital cardiovascular defects are the most common birth defects.


Food Swapping can help you Lose Weight 
02 May 2016

According to a new research by Andersen et al, published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition (2016), participants recorded on average a lower intake of food per kilogram of body weight during the trial. Furthermore, consumption of convenience foods, notably sugary drinks, was significantly lower in both water and milk study groups.

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Vitamin C can Help Prevent Cataract
 16 May 2016

A recent study published online in the journal March 23 states, healthy Vitamin C Amount Might Prevent Cataract. While we cannot totally avoid developing cataracts, we may be able to delay their onset and keep them from worsening significantly by eating a diet rich in vitamin C

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Trunk Stability: Firing Up the Muscles
05 May 2016

Exercises that integrate the entire body and develop trunk stability are critical for developing athletic potential. Developing trunk stability holds the key to strengthening your body from the inside out.


Yoga Benefits for Cancer Survivors 
21 May 2016

Yoga can go a long way to help cancer survivors sleep better, feel more energized, and cut back on sleeping medications. A study conducted on cancer survivors clearly indicated that 31 percent of the patients who'd done yoga were sleeping soundly, compared with just 16 percent of the control group.