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UB Toner: For Women On The Go!

30 July 2016

These days, it's all to easy to get caught up in our busy lives and our schedules. We so often find ourselves rushing through our days, only to miss or put off that exercise routine you've been planning to start for months now.

Understanding Anorexia Nervosa

29 July 2016

A disorder characterized by a distorted body image, an extreme fear of getting fat, and a rejection of food, with a relentless pursuit of thinness. To reach an "ideal" weight, a female may follow increasingly restrictive diets, often accompanied by hours of aerobics, weight training, calisthenics, or running.

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Cord Blood Awareness Month

July 2016      



Weight Loss

Charge Up Your Fat Burning During Exercise
27 July 2016

Consuming an alkaloid, namely, p-synephrine, to burn the lipids refutes the value of "miracle" diets, according to a recent study. It clearly states that it is not possible to lose more than a kilogram of fat per month.


Chloasma: "The Mask of Pregnancy"
14 July 2016

Darkened Skin is a common phenomena among pregnant women, commonly called the mask of pregnancy (but officially known as chloasma or melasma gravidarum). Women with darker complexion are more prone to this condition.


Dietary Modification Can Prevent Tumor Angiogenesis 
18 July 2016

In a recent study published in Cancer Letters, American University researchers shows that, as body mass index increases, so does the growth and spread of the blood cancer multiple myeloma, which accounts for about 10 percent of all blood cancers in patients.

Women Beauty

Jazz Up Your Hair With "Oil Slick" Effect
 26 May 2016

Designed to look dark in certain lighting and shine colorful in the light, like black oil. Developed by New York-based colourist Aura Friedman to jazz up darker hair without bleach. This style incorporates the use of intense purple, blue and green tones on an inky base colour. The process results in an iridescent effect also known as 'duck feather'.

Fitness For Models

Finding Ways to Boost Antioxidant Response with Age
14 June 2016

According to a new study, age may play a significant role in a cell's ability to respond to physical activity. That is, If you're an older adult, a 30-minute workout may not be as effective, even at the cellular level, as it was when you were younger.


Yoga healing for Tennis Elbow 
20 July 2016

Tennis elbow is typically brought on by repetitive motion, overuse, or a direct injury. If you feel a slight twinge at the outside portion of the upper arm, near the elbow, for this could be sign of tennis elbow or tendinitis of the lateral epicondyle.