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The First Ever Selfridges Plus-size Model Mahalia Handley Talks Body Positivity!

23 February 2017

Women Fitness thought of catching up with the wonderful curvy model Mahalia Handley, this week. Mahalia is the first ever plus size model for Selfridges and launched the Body Studio campaign last year. She has been feautured in Vogue Italia as one of the models to watch out for! And she regularly trains with a trainer in London to stay healthy and a toned size 18.  

Saudi Arabia's Fitness Trainer Haya Sawan Shares Her Fitness Journey

25 February 2017

Meet Haya Sawan, whose a Wife, Mom and a Certified Fitness Trainer. Haya's pregnancy & postpartum workouts have created quite a stir on Instagram and Snapchat, where she inspires all women alike. Haya coaches women of all ages in her bootcamp classes in Jeddah. 

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Body Positivity Awareness

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Weight Loss

Low-Fat Eating Vs. Weight Gain
06 February 2017

A study published on (June 6) reported that men and women in a study who followed a high-fat, Mediterranean diet that was rich in either olive oil or nuts lost more weight and reduced their waist circumference more than the people in the study who were simply instructed to reduce their fat intake.


Heavy Lifting Could Lead To Reduced Woman's Fertility

13 FEBRUARY 2017

According to a recent research published in BMJ journals on occupational & Environmental Medicine "Women working non-daytime shifts and those with physically demanding jobs had fewer mature oocytes retrieved after controlled ovarian hyperstimulation." The results provided an insight into possible mechanisms linking these occupational exposures with decreased fecundity. 


Healthy & Supportive Relationships: A Key to Good Mental Health. 
17 January 2017

This year the Mental Health Awareness Week on Women Fitness ( will take place from January 16-22 on the theme of relationships.

Women Beauty

ThermiRase: Get Rid Of Frown Lines Permanently
21 February 2017

ThermiRase, is an FDA approved treatment that uses radio frequency energy to destroy the nerve. As an individual ages, the skin loses its ability to hold on to moisture and produces less oil, taking longer to heal. Age also causes skin cells to divide at a slower pace, and the dermis, also known as the skin's inner layer, begins to thin.  

Fitness For Models

Body Positivity: Grow Above Your Physical Being
28 January 2017

Are you one of those females who are constantly critical about your body weight and image? If yes, then you stand the risk to land serious health concern like, anxiety, depression, weight fluctuation and eating disorders.


5 Yoga Poses For Curvy Bodies 
03 Febraury 2017

Every Body is equipped to derive Yoga benefits. If you are looking for enhanced mobility, pain management, inner strength, self love, body positivity, calming of inner thoughts and a better link between mind and body being a plus-sized person, you can do yoga but will need to incorporate some simple modifications to derive its benefits.