Top 10 Before Grabbing a Nutrition Bar

When you have errands to run, an office crisis to handle you might be forced to power down an energy bar. That's one of the options today's deskbound, stressed out, over scheduled urban Olympians are grabbing onto when they are forced to skip a meal.

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Top 10 Tips to Manage Pressure at Work

Work stress is the reaction that many people have when they are under high pressure at work for a given period.

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Weight Loss


Top 10 Before Grabbing a Nutrition Bar

Music can motivate you to workout longer and harder, says David-Lee Priest, PhD, a psychologist and researcher at University of East Anglia, Norwich, England.






Top 10 Prenatal Pelvic Floor Stretches  

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles attached to the pelvis at the coccyx (tail bone), public bone (at the front) and at the lower pelvic sides. The pelvic floor muscles form the floor of the pelvic and support all your pelvic organs, i.e. your uterus, bladder and bowel.






Top 10 Night-time Food Temptations    

Most of us exhibit small gestures of self-control all day long. By the time dinner rolls around, our will power is heading towards a down slope and we experience “decision fatigue,” leading to impulsive food choices. After 9 p.m. comes the major cravings. Also the stress hormones peak at the end of the workday, making us think that the junk food tastes great, hence our 3 p.m. race to the vending machine.




Women Beauty


Top 10 Sun Safety Tips for Athletes
Too much or an overdo in make-up can turn off the opposite sex. Guys appreciate natural beauty and minimum make-up.




Fitness For Models


Top 10 Moves for a Towel Workout

There are number of simple household items like fruit cans, water bottles, bath towel that can be used as tools for building stability, muscular strength and endurance.






Top 10 Yoga Asana for Soccer Players

Soccer is a lopsided sport. Most of the players are 80% one leg dominant. So most of the time they are kicking with one leg and planting with the other. They use their hip flexor and quads on one leg and a lot of glutes and hamstring on the planting leg. This causes many issues with both the hip and the spine.



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