Top 10 to Build a Strong Core 
Core strength and stability is increasingly recognized as a vital part of fitness. The muscles of the 'core' are primarily those of the trunk and pelvis. The core muscles stabilize the spine and effectively move the body with varying loads.


Top 10 truth about flat Abs
Flat abs can seem like the Holy Grail of fitness-so desirable, so elusive. Crunches? You do them by the dozen. Eat healthy? Absolutely, but despite your efforts, your belly won't budge. Sound familiar? Don't give up so fast. Find out what could be standing between you and washboard abs.


Top 10 Everyday Must-do Stretches
The goal of stretching is to lengthen a muscle and move the corresponding joints through the full range of motion, thereby allowing both the contractile (muscle and tendon) and the noncontractile (ligament and joint capsule) structures to lengthen. Stretching exercises relieve muscle tension, keep muscles flexible which can help your posture and balance.

Top 10 to build and define your abdominals
A toned, well-defined midsection is the end result of abdominal exercise, aerobic activity and a low-fat diet.




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