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Top 10 Sun Safety Tips For Rio Athletes
Runners, tennis players, swimmers, golfers and baseball players have two things in common- they love playing sports, and spend a lot of time outside in the hot sun.

Top 10 Favourite Celebrity Hairstyles
Check out this Season's Top 10 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles that will surely change your look and style!

Top 10 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends 2016-17
Every season, every year brings with it something new to make an everlasting impact and something to remember. Below are the Top 10 Autumn/Winter Trends 2016-17 that are sure to leave a fashion statement wherever you go.

Top 10 Hottest Summer Nail Art Trends
Need some nail art inspiration? Get ready for some manicure magic as we bring you the hottest nail designs from celebrities, beauty brands and the catwalks.

Top 10 Eye Makeup Looks for 2016
Turn up the heat with one of these 10 stunning sexy eye makeup looks-they're guaranteed to be a hit.

Top 10 Most-Evergreen Hottest Hairstyles
Many hair trends fizzle out faster than the latest one-hit-wonder on a music countdown, but there are hairstyles that transcend generations. Say good-bye to the cringe-worthy 'dos of old photos past.


Top 10 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials This June
So for all the lovely ladies out there, it's time for some summer shopping. Summer is here and so are the summer fashion trends. These 10 styles have made it to the top of the list of our summer must-have Wardrobe essentials.


Top 10 Alternate Treatments for Skin Fairness
Flaunting a fair and flawless complexion is every girl's dream. It is very difficult to change the amount of melanin naturally present in your skin. However, you can always remove sun tan and pigmentation caused by overexposure to sun's radiations, stress and neglect.


Top 10 Best Sunscreen for the Summer Season
Summer arrival calls for protection during outdoor activities that call for extra SPF diligence. And if the prevention of sunburn or skin cancer doesn't motivate you. Studies show that UV exposure seriously speeds up the aging process.


Top 10 Celebrities Share Their Secret to Flawless Skin
There is something to be learned about skin and hair care from those around us who clearly know what they're doing when it comes to healthy, glowing skin.


Top 10 New Beauty Products to Watch out this April
This is the time to take your skin and beauty care to next level


Top 10 Commuter Friendly Beauty Tips
Achieving the look of polished perfection doesn't have to take hours. From the best multi-tasking beauty buys, to the perfect portable application techniques, find out how you can elevate your look and give yourself a polished look in a short time.


Top 10 Hairstyle Options for Christmas Party
A gorgeous hairstyle needn't mean hours of effort, these semi-simple styles have all the wow factor without the fuss. Short or long, thick or fine, these looks will provide inspiration for your festivities.


Top 10 Glamour Body Solution for This Holiday Season
A sexy body, is no longer about pneumatic breasts or endless legs. Modern sexiness is more about how you feel inside your body rather than how you look on the outside. How you carry yourself and relate to your body, are most important than sharing vital body statistics.


Top 10 Fashion Colors for Spring 2016
For Spring 2016, the Pantone pros say there are truly no distinctions in color choices between the men's and women's collections, both of which focus on a desire to breathe and reflect, then play.


Top 10 Tips to Avoid Scalp Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a condition originating in the immune system that can appear in many different forms and can affect any part of the body, including the nails and scalp.


Top 10 Tips to Age Defy Your Make-up
Makeup is just one element of the entire spectrum that shapes a beautiful older woman. Smart beauty tips have positive influence on aging. By focusing on good health and exercise, using vitamins and supplements, and practicing smart skincare and makeup application you can posses a flawless skin.


Top 10 Answers to Cellulite
The old theory was that cellulite was caused by toxins building up under the skin but that's probably not true. It's more likely to be the result of poor skin structure, causing the fibre to split.


Top 10 to Keep Your Fingernails the Best
Many undesirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper fingernail care. Others might indicate an underlying condition that needs attention.


Top 10 Myths Surrounding Laser Eye Surgery
Around 100,000 people, tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, undergo corrective laser eye surgery in the UK every year. About 700,000 Lasik procedures are performed annually in the U.S. at an average cost of $2,000 per eye.


Top 10 Anti-Aging Nutrition Habits
While aging is inevitable, physical decrepitude is not. Many of the outwards signs of growing old can be slowed - and life may even be prolonged - by maintaining a sensible approach to diet. 

Top 10 Best Hair Ideas for Summer 2015
Start growing out your bobs and lobs because long hair is back and it's cooler than ever. Catch up on the favorite trends for the Spring 2015.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Facing Hair Loss
Hair grows in repeating cycles. The active growth phase lasts around two years and is followed by a resting phase that spans three months, after which the hair falls from the scalp. Normally, every strand of hair in your head is at a different point in this cycle, so the shedding is barely noticeable: a few strands in the shower drain, some more on your brush, a hair or two on your pillow. A normal head sheds at most 100 strands of hair a day.

Top 10 Bizarre Beauty Products
Since ancient times women have used ridiculous products in the pursuit of beauty. some of the products we use today are no less weird and disgusting. The list covers 10 of the most bizarre beauty products that are in use today - many of them can even be purchased online.


Top 10 Noteworthy Hair Transformations of 2015

Transform your look in 2015 by trying one (or all) of these cool hairstyle ideas.


Top 10 Remedies For Tanned Hands & Feet

Exposure to UV Sun rays increases to production of melanin pigment responsible to give your skin dark complexion. One should never neglect the skin of hands and feet because just like face and neck they also encounter direct sun exposure.


Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends for 2015

When it comes to dressing for the hot season, one likes to keep it simple and stylish. From classic shirt dresses to bright and sunny colours and prints, its time to add the season's top styles into your closets.


Top 10 Tricks for a Gorgeous Blowout

How you dry your hair in the first place is an important issue. Note that, a good blowout can last several days, especially if you also shampoo your hair correctly. Once you learn how to do it the right way and you take your time, you should be able to keep the look for several days. You can use a dry shampoo in between to keep the greasiness at bay.


Top 10 Bad Habits that are Aging Your Eyes

While aging is inevitable, physical decrepitude is not. Many of the outwards signs of growing old can be slowed - and life may even be prolonged - by maintaining a sensible approach to diet. The prevalance of glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye begin to present themselves over the age of 40.


10 Tips to stage a SPA Treatment at home

Today's hectic lifestyles often prevent even a quick trip to a day spa. Hence the increasing popularity of the home spa, where you can bubble, steam, and soak yourself -- privately and at your own convenience.


Top 10 Color Trends for Spring 2015

Bright, pale pastel and nature-like neutral colors take center stage this season adding a softer and cooler touch. Its time to learn about the colors that will dominate 2015.


Top 10 to a Fabulous Party Plan

The following tips will work for any soiree - a high school reunion, an office holiday party, or your favorite niece's Bat Mitzvah. You deserve to look and feel your best at any special event. And hey, if you're paying big money for a great outfit, you'll want to bring your spectacular abs along to the party.


Top 10 Best Budget Beauty Tips

A cheap way to boost the shine of dark hair is to rinse it with diluted vinegar. Blonde hair benefits from lemon juice. Both act by sealing down the outer cuticles of the hair, helping your hair reflect the light more effectively.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Well-Fitted Bra
The choice to wear or not to wear a bra is a personal one. Many women who are used to wearing bras feel uncomfortable in public without them.


Top 10 Female Exercise and Yoga Trainers
Women Fitness choose Top 10 female exercise and yoga trainers who have made a mark in the world and has influenced directly lives of innumerable celebrities and thousands of women who have watched their videos and got motivated from them and were able to change their lifestyle for ever. Here they are for you to quench your informational thirst.


Top 10 Reasons Why Today's Fast Fashion Holds a Health Risk

In today's times, Fast fashion is meant to be disposable. It's not supposed to last. Here are some of the big reasons fast fashion is bad.


Top 10 Tips to Manage Pressure at Work

Work stress is the reaction that many people have when they are under high pressure at work for a given period. When the pressure at work reaches high levels and lasts for a long time, people find the existence of a threat to the welfare or interests and then experienced feelings like fear, anger or anxiety.


Top 10 Sun Safety Tips for Athletes
Runners, tennis players, swimmers, golfers and baseball players have two things in common- they love playing sports, and spend a lot of time outside in the hot sun. All of that sun exposure can result in a killer tan, but getting too much sun can be risky. UVA and UVB rays can cause the progressive skin damage that leads to cancer.


Top 10 Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off
Too much or an overdo in make-up can turn off the opposite sex. Guys appreciate natural beauty and minimum make-up.


Top 10 Anti-Aging Makeup Tricks
A good skin care ritual starts with a revitalizing mask to exfoliate dead surface cells. Depending on your skin type, masks vary from dry to oily skin. And, because skin changes with menopause, you may need to adjust the moisturizer in your skin care routine.

Top 10 Basic Hair Care Tips
Your hair and scalp needs proper care now and always. A sign of neglect over a period of time will show up in form of dry brittle hair, split-ends, hair fall, dandruff etc.


Top 10 to Prevent Eye Injury at Work

According to the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), April is Women's Eye Health & Safety Month. This year there are two themes: 'Eye Safety at Work' and 'Healthy Vision: Make It Last a Lifetime.'


Top 10 Fashion Colors for Spring 2014

In the words of Antonia O'Brien, leading fashion correspondent, (as told to Women Fitness) "For me, spring/summer '14 is about embracing brights and being brave; why not wear a mono-coloured outfit for a sharp evening look? Or if you are more minimal, tonal shades of cream and white look fresh and chic when wore top-to-toe. Sporty luxe is a sleek style that everyone can tap into via a silky bomber jacket, pleated mini skirt and trainers (if you can't stretch to Chanel, go for New Balance.)"


Top 10 Toxic Chemical in Personal Care Products: Watch Out

More than 10,000 ingredients are allowed for use in personal care products -- and the average woman wears 515 of them every day, according to a 2009 British study that looked at the routines of over 2,000 women. More than 90% of these ingredients have never been tested for their effects on human health, and complete toxicity data are available for only 7% of them.


Top 10 to get a Beach Body

As its time to show off your best side at the beach get that body toned, sculpted and ready to strut at a sandy beach in an itsy-bitsy two piece. The two greatest concerns for a woman's beach body should be the legs and glutes.


Top 10 Myths Surrounding Laser Eye Surgery

Around 100,000 people, tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, undergo corrective laser eye surgery in the UK every year. About 700,000 Lasik procedures are performed annually in the U.S. at an average cost of $2,000 per eye.


Top 10 Pregnancy Beauty Products

Any material placed on the skin has the potential to be absorbed into the bloodstream and may be able to cross the placenta. So women need to be cautious before choosing or rather using products from the media friendly market. In case you're unsure what's safe, take specific products to your doctor for analysis.


Top 10 Celebrities Bikini Bodies 2013

Women Fitness has selected for this summer of 2013 the top female celebrities who flaunt their super toned physique and bikini bodies on different beaches worldwide. The have all worked hard and draw the awe of their fans and followers for the stunning figures.


Top 10 Most Wanted Make-Up Colors for 2013

Every season brings with it a new fashion craze, making it hard to decide which beauty products to wear. To help you WF beauty experts have compiled most wanted trends in make up colours for 2013.


Top 10 Rejuvenation Hotels and Resorts on this Planet

After a detailed analysis and review of a great number of hotels and resorts in the world, Women Fitness has shortlisted top ten property recommendations for its visitors that provide a soothing, stress busting experience in the otherwise caustic world. Visit and stay at these properties can act as a rejuvenation experience for both on the body and soul. They have been listed in no order of preference So go a head and check them out.


Top 10 beauty Quick Fixes

If you can plan ahead when wearing a hat, don't apply too many styling products. After removing your hat, spritz your hair with a little water. Then, tousle and shake until all the ridges disappear. Back comb your hair gently from ends to roots. If this still doesn't break a "hat head," then add a bit of gel, and slick your hair back.


Top 10 Beauty Treatments done by Celebrities Before the Oscars
Top beauticians and skin specialists have confirmed that the fairy like celebrities we see on Oscar night, is the concerted effort of beauty therapist and doctors who take care that their client look flawless and best for the occasion. Here it is for our viewers to have an informational article to quench their thirst.

Top 10 Secret Beauty and Health Treatments Celebrities use to Look Stunners
Secret Beauty and Health Treatments Celebrities use to Look Stunners

Top 10 2013 Most Flexible Women's Gymnasts Inspiring Life Stories
These women's gymnasts are fittest, flexible, beautiful and are like fairies flying in the air. Women Fitness has made an attempt to select Top 10 2013 most flexible women's gymnasts of the world. We sincerely hope their life stories shall be an inspiration and quench the thirst to know more about them to the budding women gymnasts and all fitness inclined women at large.

Top 10 Most Stunning Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLVII
Women Fitness has selected the most stunning and fit Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLVII from the Teams Baltimore Ravens and 49ers Gold Rush. This is no way undermines other super beautiful cheerleaders and their teams. A difficult task accomplished.

Top 10 to Prevent Raynaud's
Do you experience frequent, durations of the blood vessel spasm in your fingers and toes. Chances are you might be suffering from Raynaud's, a rare disorder that affects the arteries. Cold and stress normally narrow small blood vessels in the skin. This redirects blood flow away from the extremities and toward the internal organs. It's a way to conserve heat and prevent excessive blood loss in case of injury.


Top 10 Hottest Female Fitness Videos ever
Over the years on the global platform there has been female fitness trainers, female celebrities who performed workout routines and commercially produced exercise performing models their videos,


2012 Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Teenage Celebrities
Women Fitness has just pondered and selected the list of 2012 Top 10 Most beautiful female teenage celebrities. They are all teenagers heart throb and are fashion icons in their own league. We can see they have a great future in the respective professions.


2012 Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World Above 40
Most Beautiful Women in the World Above 40

2012 Top 10 Hottest Women Who Came in Our Dreams
Everyone has dreams. Everyone dreams of the beautiful women. This year in 2012 women and men alike dreamt of women they adored the most or wished in their inner conscious who made it to their dreams. Women Fitness after interviewing a number of its visitors and Internet surfing data analysis led to the final selection of "2012 Top 10 women in the world who came in one's dreams". The women who made to this list are from Australia, Russia, South Africa, Canada, Colombia and USA. But they have one thing in common, they are all now professionally working in US.


Top 10 Sexiest and Hottest Women Athletes in the World
This a special selection of women athletes who have made a mark for them in a particular sport and have created a buzz about them being the sexiest and hottest athlete in their own mettle. This special selection is done based on various parameters by the Women Fitness Team.



Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Swimmers in the World
Ten days before her 20th birthday in 2002, she became the first woman ever to swim the 100-meter backstroke (long course) in under a minute. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, she became the first U.S. female athlete in modern Olympic history to win six medals in one Olympiad, and the first woman ever to win a 100-meter backstroke gold in two consecutive Olympics.



Top 10 Most Attractive and Hottest Women Tennis Players in the World
Just by imagining them sexiest tennis players alone makes you high, not to mention picturing them with those sexy tennis outfits and running around the tennis court chasing the ball eagerly, which later makes them sweaty, can you picture that?



Top 10 Sexiest women golfers in the world
After a grueling effort a list was prepared of Top 10 Sexiest women golfers in the world. It has been a concerted effort to include as much detail as we can on each celebrity women golfer so that our readers shall get enriched.


ARG+PRO Rich Diet Shows Better Wound Healing
Chronic wounds in diabetic patients such as foot ulcers are cause of more than 80 percent of the lower leg amputations because of wound healing problems. The macrophages in the arginine and proline group showed less cytokine (small cell-signaling protein molecules that are secreted by numerous cells and are used extensively in intercellular communication) stimulation and pro-inflammatory activity than the other groups, reported by French researchers.


Top 10 tips to Avoid Brittle Nails
Onychoschizia (nailsplitting) and Onychorrhexis (longitudinal ridging or brittlenails) seem to be common among women. These two diseases together are called "brittle nail syndrome".


Top 10 tips for a Healthy Complexion
Aging is an inevitable process. How fast we age, how we feel and look may be a result of what we do to ourselves. Taking care of your skin, distressing, exercising and eating right are just a few of the ways to keep symptoms of time and disease at bay. 


Top 10 Uber-Trendy Colors for Spring 2012

There is no doubt that beyond an outward simplicity and a willing discretion, fabrics convey strong emotion through subtle handles and the refinement of human imperfection. Inevitably, spring makes us think of new life, new hope and renewed energy. With the lethargy and dullness of winter slipping away, women want to look re-energized and vibrant.


Top 10 to beat wrinkles

Fine line and wrinkles aren't inevitable. In fact skin experts believe that most skin damage can be prevented with a little know - how and some special care. Here are the Top10 factors to bear in mind no matter what your age. 

Top 10  Answers to Cellulite

The old theory was that cellulite was caused by toxins building up under the skin but that's probably not true. It's more likely to be the result of poor skin structure, causing the fibre to split. This means fat and yes, possibly toxins squish out through the holes in the fibres creating that lumpy effect. In other words, your bottom is rather like and old matters with the stuffing sticking out!


Top 10 to Wrist & Hand Workout
Injuries to the wrist and hand commonly occur following a fall. Reaching out instinctively to break the fall often damages the wrist, resulting either in a fracture or in a strain to the ligaments that hold the bones together.

Top 10 Body Toners

Toning exercises are an important part of all-round fitness, specially if you wish to look young. 



Top 10 answers about Your Appearance

Beauty and femininity goes hand in hand. Every woman loves to look beautiful. It is not that only those woman who feel they are ugly want to know how to become beautiful. Even beautiful women wish to become more beautiful. For this, they make a lot of effort to improve their physical appearance.



Top 10 Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery involves having a surgical procedure carried out by a plastic/cosmetic surgeon to improve the "look" of a particular part of your body. Cosmetic surgery can not only improve physical appearance but it can also have emotional and psychological effects.



Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Headshot
Your headshot is your most important selling tool. As such, it needs to stand out for all the right reasons and none of the wrong ones. The purpose of a headshot is to showcase that special quality that makes you unique in a natural and straight-forward way.


Top 10 to a Perfect Pair of Jeans

Life is a little easier once you find the perfect jeans. It's the basic bones on which you can develop a lot of looks. But finding the right jeans may mean trying on ten or twenty pairs. 


Top 10 Tips to avoid looking Mumsy at work

When men and women dress inappropriately, discipline is often a casualty. When you take care to dress appropriately it means that you respect yourself and those whom you meet. On a personal level when you are dressed well, people respond better.


Top 10 to become a successful Model

Besides possessing the physical ingredients to be a model you also need a personality for it. Professional modeling is a tough business. Only certain women are able to stand up to the hard work schedule and stress that modeling demands. 

Top 10 ways to feel fabulous
What follows are ultra-easy body/mind boosters that'll keep you in great working order now - and later.

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