Top 10 tips to manage pressure at work

Work stress is the reaction that many people have when they are under high pressure at work for a given period.


Top 10 Heart Healthy Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is often referred to as a day for lovers, but many men consider it a woman's holiday. As a result, in early February, panic begins to set in. No man wants to ruin a Valentine's Day celebration for his girlfriend or spouse.


Top 10 to get a Beach Body

As its time to show off your best side at the beach get that body toned, sculpted and ready to strut at a sandy beach in an itsy-bitsy two piece. The two greatest concerns for a woman's beach body should be the legs and glutes.


Top 10 to prevent being an exercise drop-out
We all know that exercise is an essential part of managing our weight and our health. But for some of us, it's a constant challenge? Starting a weight loss & fitness program is easy (just like quitting smoking, most of us have done it a thousand times!) -- it's staying with it that proves trickier.


Top 10 Celebrities with Finest and Fittest Physique 2013

We are approaching end of 2013 and it is the time to select the celebrities with finest and fittest physique. These women inspire us with their flawless bodies they put on display. The regularly reveal their diet and fitness secrets which comprise of regular rigorous workout and visit to the gym. They have regulated diet and eat for their skin, perfect muscle gain and fitness. Women Fitness presents before you the Top 10 celebrities with finest and fittest physique 2013.


Top 10 Hottest Mexican Women on the Planet

Today all leading Hollywood actresses, music performers and singers in the world cannot discount the presence of Mexican successful women among them. Their native sharp features and skin colour has attracted the people worldwide.


Top 10 Hottest Brazilian Models on this Planet

Today from the fashion streets of Milan to New York, the modelling world is ruled by none other than the beautiful stunning models from Brazil. After football Brazil has now become famous for the models it is giving to the fashion industry. Women Fitness present before its viewers a selected list of Top 10 hottest Brazilian Models on this planet. This list is no order of preference.


Top 10 Venezuelan Hottest Women

There are 196 countries in the world, apart from the United States, no country has dominated beauty pageants the way Venezuela has. It has the most number of winners after the US, with six Venezuelans getting the crown. Outside of the US, it also has the most number of contestants to reach at least the semifinals of the beauty pageant. It even won consecutive titles in 2008 and 2009. This the proof that Venezuela has some of the hottest and most beautiful girls in the world.


Top 10 Excuses & Affirmations to Overcome Them
We all have our reasons for not working out. Some are legitimate, but often we're just talking ourselves out of exercising. To keep you focused on track, here’s an affirmation for each of the ten most commonly used excuses, not to workout. The affirmations will assist you in making a conscious effort to encourage yourself to elevate your beliefs, unquestionably!

Top 10 Steps To A Positive Body Image
According to the American Psychological Association, 30-40% of women are somewhat unhappy with their appearance while another 45% experience anxiety or depression due to dissatisfaction with their appearance. In other words, majority of women are buying into the myth of perfect bodies. Read on.....


Top 10 Anti-Stress Nutrients

Stress is known to rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals, yet a healthy diet can help the body fight back. Make sure you compensate for any shortfalls by eating foods that are rich in the following nutrients.


Top 10 valentine fitness gifts for loved ones

Valentine's Day…the day for love and romance. The day that is full of romantic gifts and expressions of love. Do you have to buy a gift for someone special? Do you want to give a gift to someone this Valentine's Day that "keeps on giving"? Are you into "health & fitness"? Would you like to join the "Gym For Every Body"? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions.



Top 10 to help you get out of a "LOW" mood swing

Within the brain, chemicals help transmit messages from one nerve cell to another. There are two such substances, known as endorphins, that seem to affect our moods; serotonin and norepinephrine. The body makes these particular endorphins from the food we eat and therefore we can, to a certain extent, raise the level of these substances in the brain by eating specific foods.


Top 10 to build right attitude for weight loss  

Negative thought patterns are all too common among dieters and one of the main reasons why so many are unable to lose weight permanently. To find out if you have a generally negative attitude to exercise, healthy eating and weight loss, just listen carefully to what that little voice in your head begins saying when you think about making some real positive changes in your life.


Top 10 friendship Day Gift Ideas

Friendship Day occurs on the first Sunday of August - only once a year - so make the most of it! With friendship day round the corner it is time for a well thought gift, one that reflects warmth, love and affection for a precious friend. A friendship gift should be straight from the heart.

Top 10 answers about Your Appearance

Beauty and femininity goes hand in hand. Every woman loves to look beautiful. It is not that only those woman who feel they are ugly want to know how to become beautiful. Even beautiful women wish to become more beautiful. For this, they make a lot of effort to improve their physical appearance.


Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2007

With waistlines getting bigger and the lack of exercise reaching new heights, fighting childhood obesity ranks as the top health and fitness trend for 2007, according to a new survey.



Top 10 to Enjoy a Healthy Self Image
A healthy self image contributes to the way we look and if we look good we feel good about ourselves. Most women at one time or another in their lives suffer from poor self esteem some more than others. Read on.....


Top 10 things to keep you on track
Goal achieving becomes fun, as well as, rewarding.



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