Top 10 Yoga Poses for Seniors

Seniors pose a special challenge for yoga practice, because of their very mix of abilities and condition-Some 80-year-olds are still running marathons, and some 70-year-olds are unable to get up out of a chair. With a few exceptions, older adults have less joint range of motion, less strength and poorer balance than younger counterparts.


Top 10 Yoga Asanas to Manage Menorrhagia

If your period seems to be lasting longer than seven days, you pass large clots, or you routinely start soaking through a maxi pad or a super tampon in an hour, you have menorrhagia, the medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding.


Top 10 Yoga Asana for Soccer Players

Soccer is a lopsided sport. Most of the players are 80% one leg dominant. So most of the time they are kicking with one leg and planting with the other. They use their hip flexor and quads on one leg and a lot of glutes and hamstring on the planting leg. This causes many issues with both the hip and the spine.


Top 10 to Choosing a Yoga Guru

For many thousands of years, yoga was transmitted from teacher to student on a one-to-one basis; but recently Yoga teachings have begun to be offered in a group class format.


Top 10 Asanas to Combat Fibromyalgia Symptoms

A medical disorder common, especially among women aged 20 to 50. Individuals affected by the disease experience long-term, widespread pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons and other soft tissues- that's Fibromyalgia. Three to five percent of the population suffers with this condition with over 80% being women.


Top 10 Yoga asana to fight physical Fatigue

Stressful physical exertion brings out this condition characterized by exhaustion and reluctance to exert oneself. If unresolved by rest, and removal of stress factors, the condition may lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.


Top 10 Yoga Poses to Prepare for Easy Childbirth

Childbirth requires a great deal of strength, stamina and focus; yoga and meditation these elements in abundance. Research has shown that women who exercise during their prenatal period are able to better withstand labor than those who don’t exercise. Exercising mothers also seem to report more positive feelings toward the childbirth experience.

Top 10 Yoga Asana to relieve Asthma

In this condition, the airways of the lungs are constricted, causing tightness in the chest, bouts of coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties. The inflammation of the air passages can become chronic. Asthma is usually caused by allergies or stress. Yoga has come a long way to heal and manage asthma.


Top 10 Food Combinations to Avoid

According to Ayurvedic teachings knowing your dosha "that which contaminates" and guna provides you with an understanding of your basic physical and psychological nature, and helps tailor a personal diet and lifestyle to maintain optimum health and peace of mind. Ayurveda teaches that health is maintained by the balancing of the three Doshas, Vatha, Pitta and Kapha.


Top 10 yogasanas for Bulimia

Binge-eating followed by purging with self-induced vomiting and the compulsive use of laxatives, are warning signs of this condition. Its causes include low body image and a feeling of not being in control. It is often associated with anorexia.


Top 10 Yoga Poses to Heat Up Your Sex Life
If you're a woman in your 40's or early 50's, you're probably experiencing some degree of perimenopause symptoms- one of them being, low sex drive. Having problem with remaining focused, might leave sex boring or unemotional.


Top 10 Seated Workout Postures
This total body workout targets the upper and lower body with a variety of exercises that can be done while seated. Although a greater proportion of you rests on the floor, the increase in sensory response provided can give you even more of an idea of where you core is and how you lift. Always come to the floor exercises fresh.



Top 10 Yoga Retreats For a Healthy Holiday

Coping with the pressure of daily routine at office and at home, women can be left panting with exhaustion. A break is needed to walk away stress. A retreat is a with the ideal conditions for a more profound practice of yoga and meditation. Detain yourself for a few days from the usual routine and reflect on your own self to develop conscious attention. Holidays are a time to rejuvenate and get refreshed. Yoga can serve as a wonderful option.


Top 10 Hottest Celebrities Who Practice Yoga

Yoga, one of the world's oldest practices, has become a catch-fire fad over the past decade -- one that is still burning strong.


Top 10 Essentials of a Yoga Class

Anyone can practice yoga. Yoga build endurance and strengthen the body, if practiced religiously. There are things you need to work upon before  starting a yoga session these are...


Top 10 Mistakes Made While Practicing Yoga

Looking at the ease with which a yoga teacher performs different postures learners find themselves pushing beyond their physical capacity. In order to conquer your body & mind, you need to maneuver in a highly dexterous, well thought-out manner, so that you are successful.


Top 10 Reasons to Begin your Day with Surya Namaskar

If performed correctly, Surya Namaskar exercise composed of twelve bodily poses does not strain or cause injury. If performed in the morning, it relieves stiffness, revitalizes your body and refreshes the mind. Do it during the day and it will instantly boost you up, practice it after sundown and it helps you unwind.

Top 10 to Prevent Yoga Injuries  

The New York Times Magazine recently highlighted the risks involved with yogic practices. The fact that certain poses are risky, especially when they are done for many years at increased flexibility, without regard to your body's limits, cannot be denied.


Top 10 Yogasanas for the Feet
The feet, ankles, and lower back become solid and fixed instead of sensitive and minutely adjustable.


Top 10 Yoga asana for Managing Muscle cramps

These occur when a muscle in the limbs or abdomen contracts with great intensity and does not relax. These are often caused by exposure to heat. Cramps can occur during exercise, immediately after, or as long as six hours later. Yet common as they are and terrible as they can be, no one really understands cramps. They are a medical mystery.



Top 10 Yoga Exercises to relieve Sciatica
A sharp pain radiates from the lower back to to the leg and foot in a pattern determined by the nerve that is affected.  It feels like an electric shock, and increases with standing or walking. Read on.....



Top 10 Yoga Asana to relieve Asthma

In this condition, the airways of the lungs are constricted, causing tightness in the chest, bouts of coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties.  The inflammation of the air passages can become chronic.  Asthma is usually caused by allergies or stress. Yoga has come a long way to heal and manage asthma.



Top 10 Reasons Why Yoga Builds Better Bone Strength

Recent studies report that yoga improves the actual congruence of joints, undoing (reversing) the wear and tear that is responsible for osteoarthritis. Non impact, non weight-bearing exercise, such as swimming, won't wear out your joints, but it won't strengthen your bones, either.



Top 10 Yoga Exercises to Prevent Lower Backache

The common causes of lower backache are either stiffness in the ligaments or muscles of the lower back, or weak abdominal muscles. Read on.....


Top 10 Tips to make Yoga a success

For results with Yoga, as with any program, one needs to learn simple rules; dedication and persistence. You have to be dedicated and follow the practices on a regular basis if you really want to get results. The major problem with most yoga 'drop outs' is not getting the techniques right, as most people have aligned their minds to believe, but the ability to establish the habit of following the practices through on a regular basis.


Top 10 Yogasans for Prolapsed uterus

Prolapse refers to a collapse, descent, or other change in the position of the uterus in relation to surrounding structures in the pelvis.




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