Amanda Russell is an Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Fitness Trainer, Fitness Expert and Fitness Model reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets

Amanda Russell is an Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Fitness Trainer, Fitness Expert and Fitness Model reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets As a female fitness icon, Amanda Russell is all too aware of what people see when they look at her: “People see this skinny girl, who seems overly energetic and travels all over the world with her workouts, events and engagements. They think, why bother? She’s already skinny. I can’t relate to her.”

Every girl has a relationship with her body- and Amanda’s was the skinny girl who looked like it was really easy to stay thin and be fit. But the reality is that her relationship with her own body and her experiences with it have given her the perspective, knowledge and compassion to do what she does. Above all, Amanda understands that feeling that we can all relate to; where you don’t know where to begin, because you feel trapped in your body, and uncomfortable in your own skin.

As a Canadian girl from a small town, Amanda had always dreamed of being something bigger than herself. In running, she had found her passion, and dedicated her life to perfecting her craft; the results paid off.

She wrote her ticket to realizing her dreams, by attending the University of Richmond on a running scholarship, where she consistently won races, and broke collegiate records. She was on her way to pursue her dreams… the Olympics”

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when she sustained an injury so severe that the doctors told her she would never run again. Crushing her Olympic dreams, and presenting her with the possibility that she would walk with a limp for the rest of her life.Devastated, she felt that a huge part of her had died; running had represented her identity, aspirations, and even her future. Without running, the world that had once seemed so full of promise was suddenly dark and uncertain.

Her biggest fear was returning to Canada without accomplishing her dreams, all of her hard work amounting to nothing. If running had taught her anything, it was that the true winners do not quit just because it gets hard. It was this realization that led to Amanda’s turning point, she made the decision that she could and would win this journey and not let the injury rule her life. Given that she could no longer run, she was determined to get back to fitness, and by using her own knowledge of training, started to regain her confidence and her body.

Despite not knowing a soul, she moved to New York City because, as they say, “If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.” Through great struggles and often scary times, she always managed to weather the storm and come out stronger. Eventually pursuing her MBA and signing with Wilhelmina Models. This contract gave her the opportunity to travel the world, be featured on everything from billboards to bus stops internationally gaining connections around the globe.

Using her business training and applying the same focus and determination she had to running, she started blogging and sharing her knowledge of fitness to a growing audience. With an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate others, in less than a year of her launch of AmandaRussell. TV channel on YouTube, she was selected as one of “YouTube’s Next Fitness Trainers” and has garnered over 70,000 SUBSCRIBERS AND 5 MILLION VIEWS WORLDWIDE Drawing from her own experiences, she developed Fit Strong and Sexy, a customized workout regimen based on the framework she practiced as an elite athlete but suitable for all fitness levels. The program, composed of 20- to 30-minute sessions that burn more calories and fat than most 70-minute workouts, received rave reviews and her second career as a young female fitness icon took off.

The recent launch of her FitStrongandSexy program will allow anyone, anywhere to get access to her customized training program. Not only will her students have access to her personal training and workout video library but they will get special recipes, a community to interact within, special coaching and training from Amanda herself – and more. This next step in Amanda’s offering will truly allow people of all fitness levels get access to the information, support and resources to get the body they want.

Amanda Russell is an Exceptionally Talented and Accomplished Fitness Trainer, Fitness Expert and Fitness Model reveals her Workout, Diet and Beauty Secrets In addition to providing real training and fitness products Amanda is a featured Fitness & Lifestyle columnist on The Huffington Post and She speaks often at events such as the Toronto Marathon, OptimMYz Live Wellness Conference, and WPIX11 Health and Wellness Expo. She also donates her time as a speaker and supporter to organizations that are close to her heart- including Girls on the Run. And just for fun, she was the host of the Aspen Summer Morning Show where she got to cover the world famous events that happen in Aspen throughout the summer.

Whatever she is doing, Amanda does it to the fullest and is truly invested in showing people that fitness is about so much more than exercise, it is a gift that can and will transform your world

Amanda Russell is an exceptionally talented and accomplished fitness expert. She is in conversation with Namita Nayyar President Women Fitness.

Ms. Namita Nayyar: Tell us about your journey that took you to the top of the world of fitness training?

Ms. Amanda Russell: Firstly, thank you so much for considering me at the top of the world of fitness! There is still so much I have yet to do and can’t wait to share with you. But my journey started in a small town in Northern Ontario where running had always fueled my passion and ultimately shaped my journey, as I know it.

Being a “runner” was my identity and provided me a ticket into a larger world in the form of a track scholarship to a prestigious Division One university in the US. I was from a small town, but I had big dreams, and this was the ticket that catapulted my career. I was fiercely determined and my sights were never just on the Olympics. I wanted to break every record, surpass the current university standings, change the course of the sport, and make my own OLYMPIC RECORDS. I was reaching new heights and there was nothing that was standing in my way. I was on fire and I had it made, then it all came to a screeching halt…

While I had my mind set on an ultimate goal, I pushed my body to the limits and reached a point where I had created a stress fracture, which continued to get worse and finally cracked as I continued to train and race on it. I went from running twice a day, logging 70-80 mile, to being told I would never run again (and possibly always walking with a limp). a fracture at the neck of my femur, an extremely rare injury and usually the result of a traumatic accident…but in my case I had inflicted this pain on myself. All because I was so fixated on the end result, that I stopped paying attention to the journey and experience itself.

As many of your readers likely know, fitness becomes a part of your identity, your life, your self-confidence. So when it’s taken from you, whether that’s in the form of an injury or illness, it’s as if a part of you dies. It was through this setback that I truly began to understand the impact fitness can have on your life. I wanted to feel alive again, to get that challenge and passion back, and to make that passion my life’s work.

Fitness is not easy, but once you experience it, you can’t imagine life without it. Exercise elevates you to a level you otherwise would not have known was possible and shows you how much better your life can be I believe these cards were dealt to me so that I would use my exercise for more than winning races, but instead to help others experience an elevated state of health and improve their lives through simple techniques that provide results. Fitness is about more than simply exercise; it’s a catalyst for positive change.

Everyone has a different motivation, and we all need to be tapped into. I wanted to give women more than another workout plan, they need a friend, a supporter, and fitness is 99% in your head. The FSS Program was created to train your brain, the strongest tool you have, to push harder, stay disciplined, and do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

The FSS Plan is expertly designed for success, but it’s your mind that will get you there! The best, most expensive plan or machine in the world won’t work if you don’t work it – part of the FSS plan works on strengthening and motivating your mind. I want to be your friend, your trainer, and your coach to get you in the head space to elevate your mind, your body and your life.





Dated 25 May 2015


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