Parts Used - Aerial parts, root.

Past uses - Comfrey has been used to treat stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and a range of respiratory conditions, including bronchitis and pleurisy.

Injuries - Comfrey's ability to promote the healing of bruises, sprains, fractures, and broken bones has been known for thousands of years. Comfrey encourages ligaments and bones to knit together firmly. A comfrey compress applied immediately to a sprained ankle can significantly reduce the severity of the injury. The combination of tannins, and mucilage helps to soothe bruises and scrapes.

Skin problems - Comfrey oil or ointment is used to treat acne and boils and to relieve psoriasis. Comfrey is also valuable in the treatment of scars.

Other Uses - Hantavirus, Housemaid's knee.

A plant that likes moisture, comfrey flourishes in ditches and other damp places. Its bell-shaped flowers are pinkish blue and hang in clusters. Comfrey is known to the crusaders as a wound herb and for repairing broken bones and battered bodies. For eye injuries prepare a cold compress.

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