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The strength training content is your on-line "how to" manual. Everything you need to know about strength training and exactly how to achieve the results you desire, is taught in this manual.

The strength training content is 37 page long and can be viewed on your computer or printed out. All the examples in this content are linked to demonstrations that will enhance your understanding.


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A Complete Online
Guide To Achieve
Healthy Weight Loss
and Optimum Fitness.






Improving Body Definitions



Escalating Density Training: for enhanced muscle performance

Training the Hips

Chokeberries: The New Power Food?

Sculpting the Calve Muscles

Rediscovering that Perfect Body

Preventing middle age weight gain: a hard job

Uncovering the Formula for Strengthening

Make Your Workouts More Functional

Time to get your abs ready for Summer

Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

Tocotrienols: a Superior Antioxidants

Whey Protein: the ultimate nourishment

Top 10 fitness trends predicted for 2010

Striking for time efficient workouts in 2010

Get Ready for Lower Body Workout

Pilates for a complete hip workout

Weight Training gains in breast cancer survivors

The Sleep Factor in Muscle Building

Jazzercise: Dance Yourself into Shape

Skeletal muscles: How do they work?

Managing cholesterol with exercise

Targeting for a Shapelier Back

Vibration Plate exerciser:  effective for Weight Loss

Training While Sick

Body Sculpting During Pregnancy

Training for Building The Perfect Physique

Training with Strength band

Resistance Stretching: for enhanced strength

Exercise to make the best of your body shape

Sarcopenia and the importance of resistance training 

Get Ready to Spice up your boring workout

Exercise and Sickness

Low Carb Diets: The Best for body builders

Sports Drink - Good or Bad?

Understanding Role of Stabilizer Muscles

7 Steps to Trim Torsos

Hooping for fitness

VO2 max: a measure of aerobic fitness

Yoga Asanas for Reducing Abdominal Fat

Preventing ACL Injury through Strengthening Exercises

Eating for high energy

Characteristics Of a Good Weight-training Program

Jump Rope Workout

Herbal medicine: how does it work?

Blasting Through training Plateaus

The bicycle kick: effective for the rectus abdominus

Pilates for cyclist

Get Ready For Summer Fitness

Plyometrics: exercises to increase power

Working the Hamstring

Improving your metabolism

Sculpting Long, lean and lovely Shoulders

The Basic Makeover for your Posture

At-home Gravity Workout: to build muscle & balance

The "Cutting Phase" in Body Building

Strategy for building muscle mass and muscle density

The Secret To Well Toned Abdominals Muscles

Tummy Exercise Myths

Elliptical trainer: for a impact free workout

Updated Physical Activity Guidelines Released

Deskercise: exercise at your desk

Interval Training : A good way to cross train

Lunges: "The Queen of Exercises" for women

Exercise Motivation

Promoting Healthier Body Image

Getting the best from strength training

Building Core Strength & Stability

Exercises for a perfect Ab and bum

Calve Muscle Workout

Core Strengthening

Step Aerobics: Effective in Modifying (Cholesterol) Profiles

Training Principles: Getting off to a good start

Building lean body mass

Exercise Addiction

Tummy Flatteners

Training for your Body-Type
Getting Tough With AB Muscles

The Secret to losing Fat?-Crank up the Intensity

Get ready to spice up your walking program 
Resistance Band Workout for Travelers
Minimizing Sore Muscles

Exercise at Your Office

Exercise essential to prevent hip fracture

Losing inches off your thighs

Mountain Biking: handling the hills

Zone-Tone method: understanding mind-muscle connection

Increasing overall Flexibility

Top 10 to optimize Bone Density

The best way to train for size

Pilates: an Exercise in Balance
Choosing the WRONG Exercises  

Training the Chest  

Yoga Asanas for Reducing Abdominal Fat

Exercises for Women over 60

Mobilizing the Upper Back

The one-leg squat : for improving leg strength

Exercise for Relaxation

The Neck: Exercises to increase flexibility & muscle control.

Exercise : as treatment to manage Blood Pressure

Agility Training Ideas

Cardio-Kickboxing : Do & Don't

Strength Training - How does it work?

Cooling down after a workout

Revamp your fitness routine
Adding "Balance" back to life

Amount of exercise- a key in cutting cholesterol
Skipping to Good Health
Diet for Athletic Endurance
Being Active at all Sizes
Creating an appropriate fitness program for yourself

Every Breath You Take

Keep Your Fat Furnace Working

Running for Women

Get ready for summer Fitness

Exercise for Building better bones

Cardio Timing: The Secret to Burning Fat Up To 300% Faster

Fitness tips to suit your Body-Type

Stretching for fitness

Body Image: The History Of Body Hate And How To Change It

Easy ways to boost your activity level

Full-body workout: BODY, MIND AND SOUL

Exercising The Rotator Cuff

Get ready to shake your butt

Working the hamstring

Tune In To Isometrics
Training guide for intermediates

Minimizing Sore Muscles  
Reduce the Osteoporosis risk by Weight bearing exercises
How to gain weight?

Fitness tips to suit your Body-Type
Resistance Band Workout for Travelers
Three edged answer to Love handles


Top 10

Top 10 to get a Beach Body

Top 10 to Conditioned buttocks - to prevent knee and back injuries

Top 10 to prevent being an exercise drop-out

Top 10 At-home Exercise Equipments

Top 10 to Gain Quick Results from a Weight Training Program

Top 10 Wall Stretches to get your body moving

Top 10 to Well-Defined Triceps

Top 10 Seated Workout Postures

Top 10 Terrific Machine Exercises

Top 10 Exercises For Arthritis of Knee

Top 10 Everyday Must-do Stretches

Top 10 Bum Stretches

Top 10 truth about flat abs

Top 10 stretches to work your way to fitness

Top 10 Reasons to do Pilates for Life

Top 10 to build a strong core

Top 10 to Wrist & Hand Workout

Top 10 to building a strong lower back

Top 10 Activities for Home Workout

Top 10 Chest (Pectoral)-Developing Exercises

Top 10 Ways to check, if you are pushing too hard

Top 10 to Beautiful Bottoms

Top 10 Misconceptions on Bodybuilding

Top 10 to build and define your Abdominals

Top 10 faulty Exercise Tactics

Top Ten Anti-Aging Rules

Top 10 to optimize Bone Density

Top 10 "Super-foods" to increase muscle mass

Top 10  Towards A Leaner Tummy

Top 10 Fitness Error

Top 10 ways to beat the blues

Top 10 herbs for cholesterol management

Top 10 to Enjoy a Healthy Self Image

Top 10 Activity Boosters in a Hectic Lifestyle

Top 10 Ways to Add Movement in Life

Top 10 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

Top 10 Practical Tips for Training in the Cold

Top 10 Exercises to get fit in Water

Top 10 to shapely arms and chest

Top 10 to correcting muscles imbalance

Top 10 Tips on prevention of sports injury 

Top 10 to Thigh Trimmers


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