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    Morgan Mitchell, Australian sprinter August 14th 2017

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    Amy Taylor, model August 10th 2017

  • Tori Bowie
    We only have one body...and you should treat it like gold! Being healthy doesn't mean the same to everyone. Do whatever makes YOU feel good and powerful!.. That's healthy to me!
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    Tori Bowie, Winner of women's 100m final at World Athletics Championships, 2017. August 10th 2017

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    Katherine Castro, TV host & Actress July 28th 2017

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    Stacey Hayes, model. July 13th 2017

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    Andrea Calle, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) expert. July 10th 2017

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    Lori-Ann Marchese, Fitness Celebrity and Owner of Body Construct. June 22nd 2017

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    Dr. Sandy, Dermatologist. June 21st 2017

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    Lizzie Kelly, British jockey June 20th 2017

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    Frenchy Morgan, model, TV host and reality television star June 06th 2017

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    Kate Richardson-Walsh Olympic field hockey player May 30th 2017

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    Marisol Nichols , actress. May 19th 2017

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    Yelena Isinbayeva, pole vaulter. April 18th 2017

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    Julie Angel, British filmmaker. April 06th 2017

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    Deedee Trotter, Track & Field Athlete. March 31st 2017

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    Antje Utgaard, model . March 28th 2017

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    Chantae McMillan, an American heptathlete. March 24th 2017

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    Jessica McNamee Australian actress . March 08th 2017

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    Shannon Petralito, WBFF Figure World Champion. March 07th 2017

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    I often go on the website to read articles and tips and it's great to be involved with such a fantastic site. I have tried a couple of the recipes recently which have been great to share with the family. My daughter Destiny and family are very important to me, I love to keep my family fit and healthy as much as I can and womenfitness.net helps make it really easy to do that! Sites like yours are an invaluable tool!
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    Chloe Khan, Celebrity Big Brother 2016's star February 21st 2017

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    Jezra M: Plus-size Model February 17th 2017

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    Gina Ostarly, The New Forty. January 24th 2017

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    Veronica Campbell-Brown, youngest Jamaican woman to win an Olympic medal. January 12th 2017

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    Catherine McCord, television program hostess. January 10th 2017

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    Carmen Electra, Actress December 28th 2016

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    Rachel Hilbert, model December 20th 2016

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    Cassey Ho, fitness instructor November 28th 2016

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    Kelly Holmes (Dame Kelly Holmes), fastest athlete November 18th 2016

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    Gabrielle Epstein, Instagram Sensation and Model November 16th 2016

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    Lauren Luongo, model November 11th 2016

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    Chelsea Hardin, Miss Hawaii USA 2016 November 08th 2016

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    Huda Naccache, fashion model . October 21st 2016

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    Dr. Wasfi, Peace activist. October 18th 2016

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    Jade, fashion model and makeup artist. October 14th 2016

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    Ashley Drummonds, Entrepreneur. October 08th 2016

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    Chelsea Pezzola, Professional Golfer and Model. October 03rd 2016

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    Annabelle Knight, UK's Leading Relationship & Sex Expert. September 30th 2016

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    Taylor Strecker, Radio Host September 14th 2016

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    Magdalena Rock. September 10th 2016

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    Anicia Bragg, Model. September 01st 2016

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    Monica Monroe, Glamour Model . August 25th 2016

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    Justine Vierdag, IFBB Pro Athlete. August 25th 2016

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    Christmas Abbott, Olympic Weightlifter & Crossfit competitor August 25th 2016

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    Ms. Lina Hodgkins, Reality TV Star and Businesswoman. August 12th 2016

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    Julia Pereira, model and swimsuit designer August 02nd 2016

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    Clare Taubman, WBFF Pro Figure Athlete July 29th 2016

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    Rosalee, Soulful Singer. July 26th 2016

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    Mia Kang, supermodel . July 18th 2016

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    Jill Heinerth, World's Best Female Underwater Explorer. July 12th 2016

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    TV Personality and Sports Broadcaster. June 28th 2016

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    Jordan Sargeant, Reality TV Star. June 24th 2016

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    Marie-Andree Wallot, CEO & Chief designer of Wallo. June 20th 2016

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    Danielle Knudson, an accomplished Supermodel. June 09th 2016

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    Womenfitness.net is a wealth of knowledge for women covering everything a woman's counsel can provide for health and beauty, diet and exercise. Womensfitness.net is definitely one website for your favorites and daily source of inspiration and motivation. It is the women's bible to a healthy and beautiful life.
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    Anita Flavin.. May 31st 2016

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    Amanda Bisk, Fitness Expert.. May 24th 2016

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    Danielle Peazer, Professional Dancer, Model and Fashion Blogger.. May 17th 2016

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    Simone Saint Laurent, fashion supermodel. May 12th 2016

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    Federica Gianni, Personal Trainer. May 09th 2016

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    Anastasia Skukhtorova, Pole Dancer. May 02nd 2016

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    Silvia Ribeiro, Fitness Model. April 14th 2016

  • Astrid Swan
    I love this site. So many different tips and stories that you can learn from and great examples of workouts that you can add to your current routine. As women we need to stick together and I am honored to be a part of it!
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    Astrid Swan, fitness expert and model. March 26th 2016

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    Katerina Kovalchyk, Hollywood Film Actress April 02nd 2016

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    Hope Beel, Bikini Competitor April 02nd 2016

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    Lydia Rose Bright ,model, actress, reality TV star March 18th 2016

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    Shahira, Irish model and actress. March 15th 2016

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    Lisa Michelle Dixon, model. March 11th 2016

  • Heide Lindgren
    I am a fan of anything that encourages health and fitness, so THANK YOU! Thank you for providing a space for women to look to and come together around being powerful, strong, and healthy!
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    Heide Lindgren, supermodel, philanthropist, world leading media personality March 4th 2016

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    Alissa Parker, an IFBB figure pro. February 06th 2016

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    I appreciate outlets like Womenfitness.net that are positive and geared towards uplifting girls and women. I encourage readers to learn about other individuals stories because we all have one and use those as motivation to accomplish whatever your tying to do and along the way remember that story that helped you rise to success and share.
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    Keshia Kirtz, highly accomplished American track and field athlete. February 06th 2016

  • Bernadett Matassa
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    Bernadett Matassa, IFBB PRO competitor and a stunning fitness model. February 05th 2016

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    Be sure to check out this informative website, voted Forbes Top 100. You'll find articles on pregnancy, exercise, nutrition and more.
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    Nicole Moneer, IFBB Bikini Pro, Fitness Model and a Fitness Trainer. January 29th 2016

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    I'm in love with this website. I'm a woman who love to encourage, support and respect women among all. So it's great having this site to know, share, and learn about everything that is interesting for women's body and mind.
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    Gemma Marin, actress and dancer January 28th 2016

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    Kara Winger, javelin thrower. January 26th 2016

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    Jaclyn Stapp, beauty queen, philanthropist and fashion model. January 19th 2016

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    Anything that supports & empowers women like womenfitness.net is very important, as I still see a lot of negativity with women towards other women in the fitness industry.
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    Leigh Brandt is Canada's First Ifbb Bikini Pro January 01st 2016

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    Nadine Angerer, football goalkeeper. December 24th 2015

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    Charlayne Everhart, Pro-elite World Champion. December 23th 2015

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    Gabriela Panduru, model & professional bikini competitor. December 11th 2015

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    Michelle Carter, a highly accomplished American shot putter. December 07th 2015

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    Joey Bull, four time UK fitness champion, an adventure athlete, fitness writer December 07th 2015

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    Ineta Radevica, Latvian athlete & bronze medalist in the long jump November 24th 2015

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    Anais Zanotti, supermodel, professional sky diver and an actress. November 20th 2015

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    Julia Faye West, actress November 03rd 2015

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    Hyleas Fountain, heptathlete and winner of Olympic silver medal. October 30th 2015

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    Roxy Louw, South African surfer October 28th 2015

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    Carrie Minter, Playboy model & leading media personality. October 16th 2015

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    Zhanna Striano, Russian model and professional bikini competitor. October 16th 2015

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    Shannon-Lee, an Accomplished Model October 9th 2015

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    Christa Campbell, an actress and film producer. September 28th 2015

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    Josee Belanger, Canadian soccer player September 01st 2015

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    Ms. Juliette Frette, Playmate of the Month for the June 2008 issue of Playboy magazine. August 11th 2015

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    Nouria Newman, french slalom canoeist. July 16th 2015

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    I love Womensfitness.net because I can always find something new whether that's a new workout or a new recipe to try in the kitchen. This website focuses on improving health and well being for every woman and that is something that I really appreciate! They have done so much to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin, and that is something I plan to do as well!
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    Lauren First, NPC nationally qualified bikini and fitness model. July 07th 2015

  • Jelena Abbou
    Womenfitness.net is a great source of information for anything from exercise, nutrition and beauty.
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    Jelena Abbou, 2005 Ms. Buffalo Figure Champion. July 02nd 2015

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    I love the website as it is obviously close to my heart. I am always looking for tips and am always interested in what other women are doing to keep themselves fit, happy and healthy.
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    Lauryn Eagle, Australian professional boxer and water skiing champion June 23rd 2015

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    Simone Tetsche Christensen, Danish BMX cyclist. June 12th 2015

  • Amanda-Russell
    I am extremely impressed by this site, from the range of topics and quality content, to the lay out and user-friendly navigation  it really is a top resource for all things fitness. I'm honored to be among the amazing women you have featured on this site, and completely understand why Forbes awarded you one of the top 100 websites for women - well deserved.
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    Amanda Russell , fitness expert. May 26th 2015

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    Women Fitness is a great place to gain all the info you need to feel fit, healthy and beautiful. I love reading the blog posts and articles, they're inspiring!
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    Emily Scott is world leading media personality May 08th 2015

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    Alicia Bell,a Canadian Kinesiologist, Strength, Track and Field Coach. May 06th 2015

  • Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack
    "I think it's fantastic that womenfitness.net are encouraging such a healthy lifestyle. There really is something for everyone, it doesn't matter what your goals are. There are so many websites which promote unhealthy aspirations and its refreshing to see such a wholesome website.
    read more

    Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack, model, media personality and actress April 21st 2015

  • Samantha-Baker-Graham
    Womenfitness.net is a wonderful site for every kind of woman! It is a great resource to go to and be able to learn more about the women that may motivate, intrigue or interest you.
    read more

    Samantha Baker Graham, swimsuit model and NPC figure competitor April 14th 2015

  • Pascal Craymer
    I'm a big fan of Women Fitness. It's great for fitness beginners and for the fitness fanatics.
    read more

    Pascal Craymer, a British model April 09th 2015

  • Alise Post
    Womensfitness.net is a great outlet for women of all ages and disciplines in life to be inspired by each other. Living a healthy lifestyle is a key to happiness, and every woman deserves to be happy. Being able to go to one place and learn so much about health and other women’s success stories is both amazing and inspiring. And most importantly, it’s REAL.
    read more

    Ms. Alise Post , 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 USA Cycling BMX National Champion April 07th 2015

  • Kerrie Lee Brown
    This site has a breadth of knowledge in these areas and allows women from all walks of life to share their stories and inspire others. Whether you're a celebrity, professional or stay-at-home-mom, you can learn something from those featured on Womenfitness.net.
    read more

    Kerrie Lee Brown, journalist, radio host March 30th 2015

  • Felicia Stancil
    I love this website! Information just for women on getting healthy and fit! You pull together great resources.
    read more

    Felicia Stancil, 14-time World Champion BMX cycle racing March 05th 2015

  • Camille Clarke
    I love this website! Information just for women on getting healthy and fit! You pull together great resources.
    read more

    Camille Clarke, Fitness Trainer, Fitness Expert. March 16th 2015

  • Emma-Gilmour
    It's a wonderful online resource for everything relating to fitness and health.
    read more

    Emma Gilmour, World's Best Female Rally Driver. March 05th 2015

  • Jacqueline Valente  
    Women Fitness is an incredible and very talented website where you can find everything you need, learn a lot with other people, find out things you wouldn't know if wasn't for the website. Its a share of passion, of incredible Women all over the world with so many different skills and talents...
    read more

    Jacqueline Valente, cliff diver February 20th 2015

  • Allison-Holker  
    Womenfitness.net is a place to feel more confident inside your body. Be with the team that know's womens true colors.
    read more

    Allison Holker, Emmy  nominated dancer and choreographer. February 02nd 2015

  • Kylie Campbell  
    I love that Womenfitness.net is the go to website for the things I find important. Every time I log on I'm learning something new and interesting that I can't wait to put into action. I believe that reading the articles found on the site have improved my life for the better.
    read more

    Kylie Campbell, model January 20th 2015

  • Kate Partridge  
    I believe good health is a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing - and womenfitness.net meets these criteria. It has an ongoing range of interesting articles from health and beauty professionals to celebrities, plus helpful tips and advice on every subject. There's something for everyone!.
    read more

    Kate Partridge, sports journalist. January 13th 2015

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