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Breast Cancer


Breast cancer survivors pass on a gift of hope

Reported June 05, 2009

For women like Maria Waters, a diagnosis of secondary breast cancer would have once been a death sentence but 20 years on she is living proof that the disease has become far less deadly.

Now in her 50s, the Perth mother of two was treated for breast cancer in 1989 and three years later doctors found it had spread to her lymph glands and liver. She was given a slim chance of surviving.

But she said medical advances and better detection meant many women with breast cancer that had spread to other organs were now living on happily for decades.



Mrs Waters addressed a forum in Fremantle yesterday where the Breast Cancer Network of Australia launched its Hope and Hurdles information pack for women with secondary breast cancer. The pack was developed after wide consultation with women living with the disease whose main message was that hope was vital to them.

Mrs Waters said it was important that women did not feel isolated in their battle with the disease.

“With support from family and friends and inspiration from other women with advanced breast cancer, I know I am not alone and draw the strength to fight on,” she said.

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