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June 26 2015

A day at the beach or afternoon at the pool calls for a little attention to style. Its important that you take out a few minutes to address the major areas to look hot & sexy. More>


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  • Top 10 Tips to Look Good Naked 

    June 26 2015

    Quick fixes don’t work, especially when it comes to your body. You need to give it enough time to readjust to the new and healthy lifestyle change. With a bit of effort, you can have the sexiest body you’ve ever desired in your life.  

  • Beauty & Fashion Views of Style Icons Over 60 

    June 08 2015

    Being grand dames, these style icons are self-assured, accomplished, and portray an understanding of the world that the young girls can look forward to. Each of these women is beautiful and impressive. They radiate a sense of power and style that come from surviving life’s trials.  

  • Hot Weather Dressing for Women Over 40 

    April 24 2015

    As one gets older, no matter how fit or slim one is, there are certain areas of body that are best covered up. So its a big challenge to keep cool, look fashionable and uncover what the fashion folk have to offer women over 40 when it comes to summer dressing.  

  • What To Wear at Coachella 

    April 14 2015

    Coachella Valley Music & Arts double-weekend Festival 2015 in Indio, California is here! Celebrities have gathered together to dance all day and party all weekend, all while dressing up in their best festival looks. Some better than others. It can be hard to dress weather-friendly/concert-ready, but these celebs completely failed.

  • Cardio Striptease to a Steamy Workout 

    March 18 2015

    Classified as low intensity cardio workout ( 55% hype in heart rate), for women of all shapes and sizes it can offer a good steamy workout. This workout help you burn somewhere between 600-700 calories.

  • Marsala: Pantone Color of the Year 2015 

    February 18 2015

    18-1438 Marsala, an earthy wine red is the Pantone colour of 2015. It is an impactful, full-bodied and elegant grounded color.

  • Experimenting with Spring 2015's Stripe Styles 

    January 17 2015

    Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living colour, stripes make a graphic statement, day or night.

  • Best of 2014: What Do Models Eat? Uncovered! 

    December 13 2014

    All through the year, Women Fitness interviewed top fitness models, actresses, athletes, film stars and celebrities to bring you an insight on their diet, exercise and fitness regime. With nearing of the year end, Our team would like to refresh your memory on the same.

  • Top 10 to a Fabulous Party Plan 

    October 21 2014

    The following tips will work for any soiree - a high school reunion, an office holiday party, or your favorite niece's Bat Mitzvah. You deserve to look and feel your best at any special event. And hey, if you're paying big money for a great outfit, you'll want to bring your spectacular abs along to the party.

  • Exercises to Build a Volleyball Booty 

    October 20 2014

    If you aim for an athletic lower body and a volleyball booty add these exercises into your training routine. A volleyball player must be able to jump high and have power to spike a ball at the same time.

  • Cellulaze : a New Laser Procedure to Minimize Cellulite 

    September 25 2014   

    Cellulite is the result of poor skin structure, causing the fibre to split. This means fat and yes, possibly toxins squish out through the holes in the fibres creating that lumpy effect.

  • Top 10 to Enhance Your Sex Appeal 

    September 05 2014   

    Sex Appeal is simply possessing or building attractiveness in a sexual way. It's a quality that draws you to someone, powerfully and instantly. Employ these ten steps to enhance your sensuousness.

  • Cover Model Workout Plan 

    July 02 2014   

    If you aspire to represent health, fitness, presentation, poise, personality, confidence, beauty and intelligence, and possess the cover model looks, then you can grace the cover of Health and Fitness Magazine. Its time to think in terms of performance and pro athletes.

  • Top 10 Celebrity Exercise Secrets 

    May 22 2014   

    Celebrities from all walks of life sports, movies, music, films and fashion have to challenge their time and body to get ever so well defined physique. Women Fitness team after a tiring run was able to get top 10 celebrities speak on how in spite of their busy schedule they manage to stay fit and lean.

  • Top 10 Moves for a Towel Workout 

    April 26 2014   

    There are number of simple household items like fruit cans, water bottles, bath towel that can be used as tools for building stability, muscular strength and endurance. Using this basic tool, along with a floor that allows for sliding, can be a creative, effective and inexpensive way to get a killer workout!

  • Silicon Buttock Injections: Banned, Yet Available 

    April 16 2014   

    Deaths from black market buttocks injections have been reported in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New York. A recent news published by BBC health (19 March) has reported, the demand for bigger buttocks in Venezuela meaning some women will have banned silicon injections to achieve them, putting their health at risk.

  • Top 10 Truths About Being a Model 

    April 16 2014   

    Models are considered to be glamorous people who lead a glamorous life, but there are some facts that one needs to know about this magical-world.

  • Pre-contest Weight Training Workout for a Bikini Model 

    March 20 2014   

    A pre-competition routine should be specific to your body-type and have quality compounds for mass using a medium rep-range, occasionally high, and occasionally low.

  • Scary Diets Models take to get Dangerously Thin 

    March 07 2014   

    Women Fitness has made an attempt to unreveal unhealthy practices prevalent among models to remain thin. Sometimes for this models are themselves to blame or it is the peer pressure and sometimes their agents build up the pressure.

  • Tamara Kalinic: Fashion Expert Reveals Fashion Trends for 2014 

    March 03 2014   

    Tamara Kalinic is an exceptionally accomplished and talented fashion expert and fashion blogger.

  • Healthy eating for Every Body Shape 

    February 19 2014   

    "Oh, I am so bloated?" Women are often complaining of bloating, sluggish fullness and constipation.

  • Top 10 Tips to a Flat-Belly 

    January, 23 2014   

    "Oh, I am so bloated?" Women are often complaining of bloating, sluggish fullness and constipation.

  • Radiant Orchid: Color of the Year 2014 

    January, 06 2014   

    Pantone, the world's leading authority on color, has selected its hue of the year for 2014. Fashion lovers, say hello to radiant orchid- a color that inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.

  • Aromatherapy for Travelers  

    October,09 2013  

    Each year more and more people save money, and plan excitedly, for months in order to have their dream holiday, either in their own country or overseas.

  • How do Celebrities Prepare for Big Events?

    September,21 2013  

    With the big event around the corner- stars and celebrities get anxious about their looks and dressing Up. Well, talking about the Emmy awards, the stars, go through some serious beauty revamp to model down the red carpet.

  • Raw Food Diet

    September,11 2013 

    Fruits and vegetables are at their nutritional best in their raw state but, the idea of maintaining a constant diet of uncooked food would be less than appealing. There are many people who are happy to follow a raw food diet, often claiming that it makes them feel more energetic and ‘alive’.

  • 20 Minute Workout on the Move

    July, 04 2013

    There is no doubt that our normal routines get completely thrown out the window when traveling. Exercise needs to become a constant part of us even while traveling, in order to prevent major lapses. Make a commitment to yourself that you will find at least 20 to 40 min every other day to exercise – NO EXCUSES. Add it to your calendar, set up an email reminder, do whatever it takes, but don’t take no for an answer.

  • Cryolipolysis: Reshaping Body Contours

    June, 01 2013

    Cryolipolysis is a unique non-invasive method for the selective reduction of fat cells with controlled, localized cooling. Cryolipolysis induces apoptosis (process of programmed cell death (PCD)) only in fat cells to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer while preserving all other tissue, as compared to other methods of fat removal which primarily involve necrotic cell death by damaging fat with heat, high-intensity focused ultrasound, or chemical injections.

  • Trunk Stability: Firing Up the Muscles

    May, 14 2013

    Exercises that integrate the entire body and develop trunk stability are critical for developing athletic potential. Developing trunk stability holds the key to strengthening your body from the inside out. Core building is the deepest level of strength training that can be practiced. When this kind of strength is developed you will see an increase in strength in everything you do, from lifting your child into a car seat to your daily workout routines.

  • The 15 Minute Kettle-Bell Workout to a Taut Butt

    April, 11 2013

    Muscles need to be fired up to maintain proper definition, especially on a weight loss program. Kettlebells or cannon ball workout are superbly effective for three-dimensional movements to target the buttocks, as these exercises require a powerful hip thrust. Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Kim Cattrall, and Kim Basinger are big fans of  kettle bell workout.

  • Top 10 to Cope with the Pressure of the Fashion Week

    Sep, 10 2012

    New York Fashion Week (spring-summer 2013) began on a confident note on Thursday. Twice a year, the world’s most acclaimed international designers showcase their new collections to an audience of style insiders.

  • The Y-T-I Workout for a Sexy Back

    Mar, 29 2012

    With the arrival of summer and ostentation of back-less dresses it time to get your back toned and do away with the side bulge. Little things such as the way we sit at work.

  • Top 10 tips to manage pressure at work

    Jan, 04 2010

    Work stress is the reaction that many people have when they are under high pressure at work for a given period. Many of us are motivated by the challenges and difficulties arising from the requirements of the work.


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